The SharCasian Polarius

Crown Prince of the Shar and Alpha Company Commander

a character in “Capitol Academy”, as played by Elrith Eldwind

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Name- Casian Polarius
Race- Magus
Age- 26
Birth Rank- Crown Prince of the Shar
Height- 6’4”
Weight- 195
Hair/Eye colour- Brown/ Blue
Build- Muscular
Marital Status- Most eligible bachelor in the Kingdom
Other- His upper body has several scars on his chest, arms, and back which are left over from his younger years training. The Royal family are protectors of the people and each one is trained from birth in combat and magic.

Picture (Normally wears this outfit when out of classes):


Personality: He is a calm and level headed man, and is very passionate about protecting the people. He is not to be triffuled with, however, he knows his power is great and knows when, where, and how to use it. He is also known for making smart comments and having a very calculating mind


Equipment: He carries a gun strapped to the small of his back at all times, and has a sword that is a family heirloom and something he wears when in combat training.

His shoulders sport a rare cord, only one on the right shoulder: A Silver and Gold interlaced double cord that indicates his position as a Company leader, making him one of the four highest ranking students at the school. He is Commander of Alpha Company.


History: Born as the second son of the current King he trained to be the commander of the armies knowing his brother would be the king when their father passed (though his race is ageless, the kings pass their crowns after about 50 years) however his Brother fell fatally ill and he became the crown prince. He has accepted this and not is a Senior at Capitol Academy, where he has risen to the rank of Commander on his own, as he was not known to be the prince until this year.

He currently has come face to face with his new Company of students that will be roomed in his dorm building and frankly, he isn’t impressed... yet...

So begins...

Casian Polarius's Story