Carnes HighOpal Raida and Rekris Keelis

These two half Dark siblings is one hell of a ...

a character in “Carnes High: Monster School”, as played by sin sin

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Opal's personality is much like her magic, sometimes happy, sad, hateful, clam, her emotions and mood swings are extremes, once moment you might see her laughing and smiling sweetly, the next you might have a fireball thrown at you from the back. It all differs in a single word of what you might have said that changes her mood from bad to good, or vice versa, that in a sense, could be bad during combats.

Rekris's personality is mostly about staying clam, and sometimes even seen being protective of his little sister when ever she'd get herself into trouble, his always keeping an eye on his baby sister, and had always been ever since she was born into this world, being a protective brother, you can't expect Opal to be alone for too long, or Rekris too far from her, unless it is necessary.


Opal's weapon is as showed in the picture a moon shaped staff at the one of the ends, that allows her to spilt and combine at most two different types of magic or elements to give off a more powerful destructive magic, but if combined with error, the magic would explode after it is done, that is why she had a long staff, so even if it explodes she will not receive the full damage of the spell itself. right now she can only control and summon the elements of, water, wind and fire.

Rekris's weapon is several magic daggers that is hidden in different places under that cape that he always wears, but two of them is visible which he always uses. Each dagger have a strange design on it, unlike normal daggers they would only have a metal edge and pointy at the tip to stab. but his blades has a crafted dent that runs from the tip of the blade to it's hilt, in a shape of a magic circle, and in the hilt of his daggers each have a different colored magic gem embedded into it. Red, Blue, White, black, purple and green


Both Opal and Rekris had the same mother but different fathers, With Rekris being the elder brother, his father passed away, due to a internal disputes among his relatives, which leaves him fatherless at the age of 4, 2 years later his mother remarried and had a baby girl, they named her Opal, Opal's father being one of the highest ranked in their society was often not at home, but once he had their whole family to visit shad's family for some business related to the human blood. That is how they got to knew Shad, but being the blood thirsty 'beast' as he was when he was young, Rekris is often found preventing or protecting baby Opal from going too close to Shad, in fear from losing a family member again.

And now their being submitted into Carnes High, to further improve their magic capabilities, they belong to a completely different bunch of students from the normal students in Carnes high whose here to simply learn the usual subjects and topics, although their numbers occupies a small amount overall the students in total, but each of those students under the magic category are extraordinary spell casters, at the tender age of 16-25 instead of the usual aged 30 and above learning the same spells, their here to learn how to combat with magic properly, as not to use the wrong spell, at the wrong moment or how to cast a spell more accurately with speed casting to prevent back fires.

Both Opal and Rekris inheritance their curiosity and power of magic from their mother, whose a powerful Arch wizard being able to control all four elements at the age of 35. Opal’s magic prowess is more significant then her brother, because her father too, is a powerful warlock, but however Rekris's father was a scout.

Generally, Opal is MUCH weaker and slower physically, while her magic destructive magic is powerful, While Rekris's speed and agilty is much faster then his little sister, but his magic is weaker, and focused onto enhancing and supporting his own physical abilities like increasing his own strength and speed. Or others. though it becomes weaker when casted on others. He specializes in magic neutralizing, a rare class among their race called the anti-mage type. Making all kinds of magic when fighting against him, ineffective, that including Deilos's troublesome Black flames.

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Opal Raida and Rekris Keelis's Story