Carnes High:  Monster School

Carnes High: Monster School Open

When two humans are put in a school for monsters, will they unite the monster and human worlds or just end up as lunch.

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Character Portrait: Amber Stilmyst
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Amber glanced up as he walked over to her, thinking through what he had said. It didn't matter, though. They could tease her like other humans would, but even that would be better than whatever worse these monsters could do. She watched him, somewhat confused when she noticed he was watching her. "Amber," she mumbled, too tired at that point to do anything else. Or to point out that she hadn't said her name in the first place. She forced herself to sit up, leaning back in the seat, watching him to try to keep herself alert; she didn't want to be caught off-guard again. "I see no reason not to seclude myself; only the first day, and I've already been bit, and I don't know what else anyone is capable of. Makes more sense to me to avoid them altogether, and keep myself out of trouble."