Carnes High:  Monster School

Carnes High: Monster School Open

When two humans are put in a school for monsters, will they unite the monster and human worlds or just end up as lunch.

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Setting: Carnes High2010-10-01 02:12:15, as written by sin sin
Deilos came back into the classroom with the other guys, but it seems almost like his invisible, as the others didn't even bothered to make an effort to bother him. Sitting down into his seat he sigh and leaned back onto the chair, as much as 'normal' goes, Deilos is pretty normal with manners, or so he thinks, as soon as deilos sat down, he rested his head on his hand, he started to stare outside the window, to watch the birds fly and more students coming back to the school. he commented "first day of the school and lesson... and already this, it's going to be a long year"