Carnes High:  Monster School

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When two humans are put in a school for monsters, will they unite the monster and human worlds or just end up as lunch.

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"Well what's life, without taking risks from time to time?" Damon said opening up his blue binder. "Life would be so.....uninteresting without it I must say." He then sighed. "If you're so worried about you're own safety here, I would say go back to where you came from, i mean you're taking a pretty big risk even being in this room. So that would count towards you as being a HUGE risk taker." he began to scribble minute doodles along scrap peices of notebook paper. "I would say that im a rsik taker....or at least i was when i was human. Since im not anymore, i dont have anything to risk loosing now do i?" He laughed shaking his head at Amber. "hmmm it's a bit boring in here." Damon jumped up from his seat and sauntered over to the chalk board in front of the classroom. He looked out into the hallway for a few moments before climbing onto the teacher's desk. "Hello class!!!!" He yelled pulling out a cigarette from his pocket and lighting it quickly. "I am your new teacher...Mr. Damon Russo. Now lets get on with today's topic!" He said sarcastically, trying his best to emulate teacher behavior. "Now today we are discussing the intricute details of Mortal Human Beings! "He then pointed to amber and Alex simotaneously. He then clapped his hands loudly,being sure to look out the door to see if a teacher was not going to pop in out of nowhere. "Pay attention before I fail you AALL and everyone serves 2 weeks of detention!!!" He yelled raspily. "Now who would like to begin?" He said puffing clouds of grey smoke into the cool air.