Carnes High:  Monster School

Carnes High: Monster School Open

When two humans are put in a school for monsters, will they unite the monster and human worlds or just end up as lunch.

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Setting: Carnes High2010-10-01 22:21:11, as written by Aurelier
Arabella smiled and walked up to the human. Her long, diry blonde hair swayed behind her. She took a seat next to the girl and pulled out her spellbook and tried to make sense of the symbols and syllables. Her violet eyes drifted to the front where she watched Damon. She was tired of him. She glanced at her spell book quickly and found what she wanted. She whispered the words and the desk that Damon was standing on became slippery. It would be impossible for anyone to stand on that slick of a surface.
"Mr. Damon Russo, shouldn't we be studying why certain vampires are completely idiotic?" Her melodic voice traveled easily to the front of the room even though she spoke quietly. "Just leave the humans alone. They're no different than some of us. And they're definitely smarter than you." Under her breath she added, "But that's not hard to do."