Carnes High:  Monster School

Carnes High: Monster School Open

When two humans are put in a school for monsters, will they unite the monster and human worlds or just end up as lunch.

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The man that seemed to be the leader of the hunters quickly picked himself off of the ground and ran after the witch. She really thought she could outrun them? They were trained to be able to catch the fastest monsters and a simple witch thought she could get away? He grinned, slowing up for a second so that she could turn the corner. He loved the chase. The others hunters slowed with him, following his every move.

The man grinned as the witch turned into an alleyway, and launched himself forward. As she turned around the corner, he reached around the cement wall and grabbed her throat. He pulled her hard against the wall before walking around to the other side. He continued to strangle her against the cement blocks as he got close enough so that she couldn't kick him with any reall force. He watched her eyes, loving the way that the lights would be leaving them. That was the cool thing about witches, you could watch their very power fade away as they were killed.