Carnes High:  Monster School

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When two humans are put in a school for monsters, will they unite the monster and human worlds or just end up as lunch.

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Desmond sighed as he heard that, “They are leaving the others alone I take it? It only makes sense, I mean after all it was myself who opened the Gate permanently… although…” he took another sip and placed the cup down before standing to look at a painting on the wall, “I could say that the council is a criminal itself for using the Gate like that without our permission… if my father heard-” he stopped himself at that thought and tensed.

“That aside, who’s the opposition here?” he asked, more wondering what side Nox was on personally. He didn’t like being here; someone must have been doing something to the area because Desmond’s senses were dulled. He didn’t like that.

Kalen listened as the out of breath Amber explained and her eyes shot to the tailors. As if on cue the elderly woman walked swiftly to a rack of suits and flicked a light switch next to it. The wall slid away to reveal a panel of blades, old style weapons, alchemic agents, and other monster combat items.

Kalen grabbed a pair of silver knuckles with blades like claws attached and headed around the side of the panel, “I’ll be back…” she scowled as she stormed out the shop to find the bear rushing for Aiden. Not waiting for an explanation she felt the power of the runes flow through her as her bare shoulders showed the dark lines when she kicked hard off the ground like a bullet she slammed hard into the bear and knocked it to the side. Standing tall she looked at the disgusting creature and then at her dress. Her lower side was covered in the filth and puss the creature bore. “Ah hell no!” she shouted in anger as her fist came about to catch the bear across the jaw. She wasn’t sure if it would survive, she wasn’t holding back, hell she wasn’t even sure its head would remain attached from that blow.