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Rich Kids go missing in the middle of a show at the Carnival! Your kids must be wealthy, and please remember though you may not be chosen as a kidnapped kid, you will be needed to give clues as to where they are located.

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"Andrew, I'm going out. I have a concert again." his mother said grabbing her keys and ready to walk out the door. Andrew just nodded, not really caring. He looked out the large glass window of his house, tapping his feet. "Hey, Drake want to go to the carnival?" he asked his butler. "Sir, you know you your parents dont like you going out into the public late at night." he said standing besides him. "Who cares what they say. I cant stay in this house any longer. And what did I tell you about calling me sir? I sound old if you say that."

Drake sighed, "Yes, I'm sorry." he said with a small bow.

"Look, my parents arent home. You're about 8 years older than me. Just call me Andrew. Come on grab the car keys we're getting out of here." Andrew got up and grabbed a hoody. He slipped it on and pulled the hood up. "See, my face is all covered up. Lets go." he said walking out of the house. Drake scratched his head but followed anyways. He knew he could never win an agrument against Andrew.

After a few minutes of driving, the car pulled into a parking lot where the carnival was. "Hey, it looks fun. Are you coming?" Andrew asked ready to get out of the car. Drake shook his head, "I have work to do. I'll pick you up when you need me to. Just give me a call." he said. Nodding, Andrew got out of his car and walked into the carnival. He looked around the place, and walked around aimlessly until he found a large tent like thing. He stepped in and looked around. "Wow so much people." he mumbled.