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Rich Kids go missing in the middle of a show at the Carnival! Your kids must be wealthy, and please remember though you may not be chosen as a kidnapped kid, you will be needed to give clues as to where they are located.

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Setting: The Carnival2010-07-13 03:24:51, as written by Alise120
Anthony and Alice frowned when the magician did a lousy act, "I hope this is my money's worth", he whispered to Alice shaking his head. Alice just giggled and tried not to seem mean by laughing at the show, "Your right about that dad", she replied. She took out her touch screen phone and began to text her friend, Lily. Reason why she did it was because she was getting bored with the show. Anthony, on the other hand, took out his blackberry and began looking at his email, "This show is somewhat a fluke", he thought feeling annoyed.

"That's right, the magician, choked on his own act lol", she text her friend with a smiley face. Lily immediately texted her back, "You should leave if it's stupid". Alice sighed knowing she couldn't seeings that her dad wanted to play it out for the money's sake, "Nah, I can't....", she text frustrated.