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Rich Kids go missing in the middle of a show at the Carnival! Your kids must be wealthy, and please remember though you may not be chosen as a kidnapped kid, you will be needed to give clues as to where they are located.

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Owner: LightingStrikes
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Setting: The Carnival2010-07-13 04:04:00, as written by Lee
Victoria sighed and kept scouting the tent for her bodyguards. They should have discovered she had run off again. She sighed and watched the show for a while. Tilted her head at the lions but halfway through the show she pulled out her handheld console and took the sound off. She started playing and listened to the show while she looked towards the exit once in a while.


James leaned back from his seat on the front row. He enjoyed the sight of the many girls and espcially the girls performing. He winked at them, threw his hair around and flashed his white smile that matched his white hair. He smile and watched the show enjoying the show feeling entertained and most important. Surrounded by pretty ladies.