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Rich Kids go missing in the middle of a show at the Carnival! Your kids must be wealthy, and please remember though you may not be chosen as a kidnapped kid, you will be needed to give clues as to where they are located.

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Grace thanked the girl, introducing herself,

"Hey, I'm Grace Tidwell. Nice to meet you." She then, turned to watch the circus... or the carnival... Whatever... She found some of the acts interesting in the slightest, but, everything else didn't really grab her attention. She let her eyes wander, studying each of the kids around her. She noticed a kid with a soccer ball nearby. She smiled, raising an eyebrow.

"Hey, dude with the soccer ball! What're you doing that for?" She spoke loud enough for him to hear, but soft enough not to distract anyone in the performances. She thought it was odd he had brought a ball with him to a carnival. But, then again, she thought mainly anything she didn't like weird...