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" wrong."

a character in “Carpe Diem: Seize the Day”, as played by Amaranta

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"And you lean in for your last kiss,
Who in this world can ask me to resist?
Your hands cold as they find my neck,
Oh this love I have found, I detest"

Nickname/Alias: Crev
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Marital Status: Single
Occupation: Heir to Braavos


Height: 6’4”
Body type: Crevan is very conscious of his status as a knight, and his body reflect the hours he spend maintaining his fighting skills. He is particularly well muscled in the arms and is broad of shoulder because he favors the sword.
Eyes: A clear green-blue that does not betray much of his emotions
Hair: Dark brown and jaw-length, slightly wavy and always looks tousled.
Distinguishing marks: The only real distinguishing mark on Crevan is his birthmark, it is on his stomach, low almost to his hips on an the right hand side, unlike most birthmarks it is not darker than the rest of his skin, but lighter, and in the faint shape of a crescent moon. Crevan face is very sharp and angular. He has a strong, angular jaw with a very square chin that fairly juts out, with full, slightly pouty lips.
Fashion Sense: Crevan is a very well dressed man, being the Sealord’s heir and he has all types of clothing available to him. His personal favourite colors are navy blue, as well as other blues, blacks and greens. He likes to wear jewels, often having them embroidered on his doublets, as well as large rings. He always wears the finest of materials, light silks, warm brocades, whatever is called for, and has an extensive clothing collection.


Personality & Skills

Likes: Lovely things of worth; historical documents; new opportunities; his duties as the Sealord's heir; logic-based games; swimming on a hot day; fine clothing
Dislikes: Failure - in all meanings of the term; pushy merchants; whorehouses; those who act brashly; when things are quickly decided; those who are not well-groomed; cows
Fears: Failure. Crevan will do anything he can to ensure that he never gets the short end of the stick. He loathed the very thought of being ousted from inheriting Braavos.
Skills/Talents: Swordsmandship - he is rather well versed in the arts of fighting; sailing and taking care of ships; politics and finances; managing a city/leading the people
Weaknesses: He cannot say no to his younger sister - she is always able to convince him to abandon whatever he is doing and go outside to frolic about. He is also not particularly good with consoling people and is terrible at lying.
Magic: None.
Overall Personality: First impressions of Crevan is that he’s a very pragmatic and even perhaps an altogether too serious man. He’s been called intense and even intimidating, all of which he finds to be a rather strange concept when he always makes a conscious effort to be approachable. He’s driven, highly capable and has a very strong sense of who he is. Crevan has always been a lover of beautiful things but it’s never leaned towards excess. He resists cluttering his life with physical and emotional ties, surrounding himself only with what is viewed as the best and rarely things that are just good enough.

Crevan isn't exactly a sentimental man. Over half the things he does is for necessity, not really because he wants to or because he likes to. He isn't a man of whim either and so anything that he does has been acknowledged to have been planned at least a week in advance. A true chess player, he thinks of everything that a person can do before he makes his own move and so takes that into consideration as well. Whether or not he'd be so cautious in the case of something like an obsession is unclear.

The heir to Braavos is, secretly a little vain. He enjoys wearing silks and velvets and anything that makes him look, well, good. Nothing is better to him than wearing his crown and so any chance that he gets to wear it, he does. It's weight upon his head reminds Crevan that he is one of the most important people in Braavos and reminds him that he controls the fates of others. To any other person, this might be seen as dangerous. After all, a man knowing his power? That is like having a dragon realize it's immortal just before it destroys an empire.

Something that Crevan doesn't take well at all is failure. Failure from himself, failure from others, failure from just anyone. Should a failure come at his feet, his usual reaction is great disappointment, a trace of fear that there might be more to follow, and a quick, icy dismissal. If the failures continue, it leads to frustration, shouting, pacing, tossing his arms up and around in the air like a great orator, and, possibly, death.

Personality Quirks: Crevan does not laugh often, though he does from time to time crack jokes - which he delivers with a deadpan.



Family: Father - Lord Alistair Syr'ren/ Mother - Lady Elladeia Syr'ren (née Endei'ma)/ Sister - Aileen Syr'ren
History: Crevan is the eldest of the Syr'ren children, and one of the only ones - along with his younger sister Aileen - to have survived a series of horrid illnesses that had taken the lives of their other siblings. Since their death, Crevan immersed himself ever further in his duties as the heir, wanting to make sure that when he ascended to rule Braavos that he would do so with skill. He spends most of his days pouring over military strategies and historical documents. There are rumors of war flying about the city, and Crevan is not taking them lightly.

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