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"'Tis all naught but a masquerade."

a character in “Carpe Diem: Seize the Day”, as played by yuri-chan1018

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Loreley Rhys

“You would not believe your eyes, how a voice could hypnotize
Promises are only lies from Loreley
In a shade of mossy green, seashell in her hand
She was born the river queen, ne'er to grace the land...

Oh, the song of Loreley
Charms the moon right from the sky
She will get inside your mind, lovely Loreley...
When she cries ‘Be with me until the end of time,’
You know you will ever be with your Loreley…”

Nickname/Alias: Lor; Aileen Syr’ren
Age: 18 years old
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Marital Status: Single
Occupation: Masquerading as the daughter of the Sealord


Height: Loreley herself is 5 foot 6 inches;Aileen was 5 foot 4 inches.
Body type: Slim and yet still well endowed, she has been trained to fight since a very young age by both her parents. Aileen, on the other hand, did not hold half the lean muscle Loreley does, but Loreley tried her best to soften her more trim body.
Eyes: A deep forest green, inherited from her mother, but for now she retains the blue eyes of Aileen Syr’ren.
Hair: Originally a darker, near-black shade, as Aileen Syr’ren she has a slightly lighter and warmer tone of brown. Her tumbled locks are wavy, and luckily for her Aileen had curly hair as well.
Distinguishing marks: Because she can change her appearance, it’s hard to identify her—but sooner or later her personality begins to leak out. Her movement is fluid and either subtly seductive or blatantly so, and she has been told more than once that she smells like the ocean at daybreak. One feature that does not change no matter who she becomes is the scar under her jaw, towards the right side—obtained when she was training as a child.
Fashion Sense: She likes to dress in comfortable, short clothes that do not get in the way of her movement, but now that she is pretending to be Aileen, she has to wear the more formal and proper dresses in the huge wardrobe. She holds contempt for those…poofy things, and swears that one day she’ll simply take none of it and dress as she pleases. Her fashion sense was rather heavily influenced by her mother’s way of dressing. Loreley doesn’t like to wear elaborate clothes, but she likes to collect jewels and weaponry.


Personality & Skills

Likes: Weapons, acting, fooling others, laughing at their stupidity, seafood, swimming, sailing, the ocean, flirting, causing trouble, thunderstorms.
Dislikes: Boring things, uneventful days, ladies-in-waiting, sewing, people who nag, milk products, idiots.
Fears: Becoming bored of the world; forgetting how to enjoy things, becoming unwanted.
Skills/Talents: She has learned the skills of the Faceless Men, taught by her Father. The whole reason she is in the Syr’ren house masquerading as their daughter is because of this skill. Loreley is a skilled fighter, knowing how to wield many kinds of blades. She favors twin scythes as her father did, though her weapons are slender and custom-made for her; light and razor sharp with a chain linking them together. Her left one is named Senka and her right one is named Psyche, and uses her gift of speed in attacking. She is adept at knife throwing as well, and uses a dagger her mother used to use, one called Nimue.
Weaknesses: Sometimes she suddenly finds herself wretched and feels hopeless at how meaningless her charades are. Every conversation the other have with her is under the context that she is someone else and not Loreley—that they do not wish to be with her because of who she is, but who she pretends to be.
Overall Personality: If anything, she fits in with her parents just like a pea in a pod; the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree at all. She doesn’t care much about rules or things like that, and enjoys what life brings her with great pleasure. She indulges in what she can get; men, riches, weaponry, drinks and trickery. She isn’t squeamish about taking lives, though she doesn’t do so unless finds it necessary. What she enjoys even more than a good tumble is being the trickster and actress she is. Loreley is a master of convincing and charming people, bending them to her will and inclination.

She never lingers long in one place, as she isn’t the most patient person in the world. But when she is fixated on something, she will remain by it like the stubborn person she is. Her determination is impressive, and she harbors ambition in her heart to know what it is like to hold power. Though she thinks of it often, her ambition is not what overwhelms her, but more of her enjoyment of deception and the consequences on her own mind.

Loreley doesn’t have a lot of sympathy for others, which only makes sense seeing how she likes to deceive people—but she is strangely kind to animals, as she views them as innocent and unable to be tricked. She had a pet hawk as a child, and still thinks fondly of them. There remains a side of her that only comes forth when dealing with animals, the gentler side of her that is frightened that no one could want her for who she really is.

Personality Quirks: She’s rarely entirely serious—unless it comes to her insecurities. She likes to joke and shirk duties; more play than work.


Her twin scythes, Senka and Psyche, as well as her dagger Nimue.



Mother – Sirena Rhys (née Alcina D’Airelle)
Father – Ammon Rhys
Relative – Deimos Tamurlayn
History: Born to Ammon and Sirena, Loreley was named after her mother’s favorite cutlass. They moved about as they wished, never dwelling in one place for very long, but Loreley actually liked the sort of lifestyle they had. She got to see many different places, people, cultures—things that made her childhood very unique. Her mother and father stressed the importance of training, and Loreley was even taught her father’s skills of altering the appearance. She left to adventure on her own when she turned fifteen, and turned to Braavos, where her mother had been born.

She entered as a maid to the household of the Sealord, a mere week before the death of Aileen Syr’ren, with another face to keep her identity hidden. She called herself Alcina, her mother’s birth name. Seeing a lovely chance to cause trouble, have some fun, and get some power, she hung around until the day she saw death in the girl’s eyes. She disposed of the girl’s dead body, changed her face to match Aileen’s, got into her nightgown and laid down in her bed.

She feigned being ill for the next week, but when she had ‘recovered,’ the Sealord and his wife were fervently grateful that their daughter was not dead. She slowly took on the role of Aileen Syr’ren, gathering information from conversations of ladies-in-waiting and servants. At first she was content with the thought that everyone believed that she was actually Aileen, but in a while she began to get bored.

Time to stir up some fun.

So begins...

Loreley Rhys's Story