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Changing Hands

Changing Hands

Every hand can change something if it reaches out and grabs for it.

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You can…


"There once was a great fire that burned across the world. Now that the fire is gone, all that remains are the ashes. This is our home now."

500 years ago, the countries of Avalon and Odessia declared war. The assassination of Odessia's leader broke the already tense line between the two. Avalon sent out it's new weapons to gain the tide: The Mecha Units. Odessia's forces barely escaped the battle and were forced to create their own weapon to counter the Mecha Units. So the war began with the Mecha Units fighting the Corrosive Cavalry. With Avalon and Odessia's war breaking out, all the surrounding forces became engulfed and entered the war. There was nowhere safe to hide for anyone.

With the war also came the forcing of a new drug that both sides would use. The drug today is known for enhancing the physical senses while making the person more apathetic, making it easier for them to fight and not be concerned with what damages they were inflicting. In it's earlier days, the drug would eventually drive the people mad and ultimately die as a result. The side effects of this drug have forever changed the new generations of humanity, and have caused the rare outcasts of those who are born with a heightened mind over others. In recent times, the drug came to possess the name of Guilty Desires, with the drug now being labeled illegal to use.

200 years ago saw the height of the war with the discovery of the three Arcane Arts. Every Arcane Art is tied to a symbol, with each of the Arcane Arts having a different reaction with the Mechas or Cavalry. Around this time came about the biggest known names of the war from both sides. Heroes rose and fell, villains were discovered and defeated. But all of that came to an end shortly after this time. From here on, the war would see the increase of resources gathered from ancient civilizations, but the decrease in human numbers. Around this time, Avalon and Odessia were forced to stop mass producing Mecha Units and Corrosive Cavalry mecha's. Mecha's became seen as more of a valuable source, with more attention being given to the ones already crafted.

Then, five years ago, the end of the war came about. An organization rose up and made a common enemy for Avalon and Odessia. A mysterious mecha was discovered that proved to be a great help in fighting off the organization. An ancient weapon was uncovered and destroyed, the organization's leader was taken out and the organization's survivors surrendered themselves. With the war at last over, the process of rebuilding could finally begin. But this is not a happy ending. A virus has emerged after the conflict five years ago. Pilots of the Mecha units are all in debt and do missions in order to pay it off.

Among all of this, what story will you have to tell?


1. No godmodding. Obvious.
2. Have respect for your fellow members. Not so obvious.
3. The Arcane Arts are not magic. Magic will not be in this RP.
4. New rules may be added later should I see it necessary.
5. If there is any confusion or concerns you have, please contact me or someone else in the RP who can help.

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Character Portrait: Kage Sanders the son of a experimental 'suit' Pilot, who was veteran of forty years. Kage now inherited the suit and the debt
Character Portrait: Virana Surblum A master mechanic for the Mecha pilots.
Character Portrait: Manya Kazimir "I mean, there's a bit of comfort in the fact that if these things actually get up, we're not alone in being screwed."
Character Portrait: Yohan "Uh. Hey there. Nice to meet ya."
Character Portrait: Rhys Hudson "I'm back...Or rather I'm all set to go again."

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Avalon by The Great Thundorz

Welcome to Avalon, the more technologically advanced of the two countries.


Odessia by The Great Thundorz

Welcome to Odessia, it's the bigger of the two countries.

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Character Portrait: Kage Sanders Character Portrait: Virana Surblum Character Portrait: Manya Kazimir Character Portrait: Yohan Character Portrait: Rhys Hudson Character Portrait: Darusan Konil
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Darusan patiently looked around at everyone, still staying in the backround. He felt as though enough information was given. Well, to him. He hadn't given any to anyone. Hrm... He would certainly need to leave a little info. As the group talked on, he pulled out a small pad of paper and a pen he had in his jacket. Scribbling down his address and cell phone number, he threw the numbers down on the table as people continued to talk. he blurted out:
"Contact me when my services are required and I will endeavor to be in uniform for the next task at hand."
He saluted, unaware if he had even interrupted anyone. A very formal straight backed marine style salute, but seemed strange coming from a man dressed just above the vagrancy line. About facing, he stepped out of the room, same straight backed march. His old training was beginning to fire back up, whether he wanted it to or not. Either way, he walked, faster than he had in years, back to his apartment.


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Character Portrait: Kage Sanders Character Portrait: Virana Surblum Character Portrait: Manya Kazimir Character Portrait: Yohan Character Portrait: Rhys Hudson Character Portrait: Darusan Konil
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Manya chuckles as Yohan proves to be a rather awkward character, stumbling a bit on his words in order to gather himself. It amused her, to say the least, and took a bit of an edge off from the atmosphere of the room. With his rather vague explanation, she lets out a sigh and folds her bottom arms, while shrugging with the upper two, shutting her eyes. "Well, I suppose it is best not to be spoiled anyways. I rather prefer it that way, anyways." It was then that Kage spoke out, catching her attention. He started off with a rather good point, what even was this show? She waited for a moment, rubbing her chin with one of her bottom hands, listening to what he had to say.

As he had finished, leaned against the window frame, she quietly stepped over, leaned over and sifted through the files, scanning them over. After a moment of silently reading, she let out an abrupt whistle before standing back up. She rubbed the back of her head and clearly giving more thought on what to say on the matter. "Well, first off Mr. Sanders... I was under the assumption there would be some form of exercises displaying a more practical role in today's... relatively peaceful society, in an entertaining fashion. I mean, in the eyes of the general public, they see these weapons of war and think only of their killing power, and honestly... some of those models may have been used to brutally kill some of their loved ones of the past, so can hardly blame them on that," she says, in a rather blunt manner. With another sigh she shrugs her arms. "It isn't going to be easy, and the debt thing is a bitch... but... damn, I dunno about you guys, but I'm feelin' this one, like it needs to be done," she continues, nervously scratching the back of her head with her right upper arm, her bottom two folded. "Plus, I kinda got a machine I care about testifying the case of... for, y'know, stupid sentimentality reasons."

Then Darusan actually moved, catching her attention, thinking he had maybe fallen asleep. Watching as he wrote something on a notepad, throwing it on the table. Looking at it, it was clearly his contact information. Then looked back over as he spoke out, in a to-the-point and militaristic manner, saluted, then walked out. She herself saluted but in a more confused manner, watching as he left, marching out all the way. For a moment she stared, before looking around at the others, pointing a few times, completely at a loss for words. Then in similar fashion, took a pen in her lower right hand, wrote down her own contact information, including a less-than-professional email id: TheManicManyapede.

"Feel free to contact me about anything, it'd be nice to see something other than 'see hot singles in your area,' or another offer for hand lotion," she says facetiously, ending with a short snort.

Changing Hands: Out Of Character (OOC)

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Re: Changing Hands

Important terms to know: Avalon: The older of the two countries, and the better off of the two. Avalon was the more technologically advanced of the two, as shown when the war broke out 500 years ago by sending out their already completed Mecha Units. 15 years ago Avalon's former leader of the Mecha Units was killed in an ambush launched by Odessia's forces. His son has since taken up the role, and was the representative for Avalon when declaring the war had ended.

Odessia: The younger of the two countries, and the one in worse shape after the war. Since the beginning of the war, Avalon has pushed constant attacks on Odessia and taken to destroying their resources whenever possible. Though Odessia is known for making the Corrosive Cavalry, they have little else left after all this time of fighting. Their current leader was elected after The Organization was taken down and was the representative for Odessia when declaring the war had ended.

Mecha Units: 500 years ago, a few prototypes were discovered and examined by Avalon before Odessia could get their hands fully on them. The first Mecha Units were made based off of these designs, and they were used in the first major battle of the war, absolutely destroying Odessia's forces at the time. Ever since, Avalon's best forces have been the Mecha Units. Now with the war over, they are being used to take care of things no one else can right now.

Corrosive Cavalry: 500 years ago, Odessia's forces lost the first major battle of the war due to the appearance of Mecha Units. This caused them to make the Corrosive Cavalry in response: Half vehicle, half mecha creations that focused more on militarized firepower than the humanoid Mecha Units. While considered having more firepower than the Mecha Units, Odessia's resources were constantly targetted by Avalon in order to cripple the overall power of the Corrosive Cavalry. WIth the war over, they have been assigned more to help out with the smaller things while also providing protection for Avalon and Odessia.

Arcane Arts: There are three Arcane Arts, rumor is there is a fourth but no one can confirm it's existence. The Arcane Arts are each tied to a specific symbol, applying this symbol with the correct means upon a person or an object will cause a reaction. For Mecha's, these reactions act more like small buffs. One increases power, one increases speed and one increases defense. When the Arcane Arts were brought into the war, they changed the way both sides would fight against each other and where the expeditions of the ancient civilization's ruins would become an important aspect for the war.

Guilty Desires: In the beginning of the war, a drug was made with the idea being to enhance the human body's senses while numbing the emotional aspects to make them more apathetic in the heat of battle. Though the drug resulted in many human's deaths, it was perfected and used by both countries. After hundreds of years of usage, it has ultimately changed the human body and even brought out those who are called "The Rejects" due to their psychic-like abilities. The Rejects are rarely born, it is said one out of every hundred person is born a Reject. With the war over and the name of the drug decided, it was finally made illegal for usage in both countries. Now both countries seek to help out The Rejects in the hopes of making a better world for future generations to live in.

Unknown Virus: After the conflict 5 years ago, a new virus was detected that caught the attention of both countries. A cure has been made and has been barely able to hold it off. Both countries are now looking into removing the virus for good, hoping to prevent another tragedy.

The Xel Incident: Five years ago, Avalon and Odessia wished to end the war for good. Around this time, a boy and a mecha were both discovered and brought to a secluded Avalon base. A few days later, the boy was able to speak modern language. However, a Mecha attacked and was dubbed "The Messenger" afterword. It wiped out the base and almost killed the boy, but was forced to retreat at the call of an unknown master. The boy and his mecha were brought over to personally visit Avalon's leader, whose father was known as the most ruthless person the war had ever seen. Wishing to end the war, Avalon's leader saw a chance to make things right by using the boy and his mecha as help.

But all was not to go as smoothly as Avalon's leader hoped. A new organization arose and entered into the war, declaring that it would use beasts like The Messenger to destroy both countries for the awful war they had let go on for so long. The Avalon Council would dub a new title upon the new beast that would attack. The Organization managed to awaken 9 of them, but each time, they were destroyed and The Organization was forced to send it's best fighters to continue their plans. The boy and his mecha continued to prove valuable against The Organization and their efforts. As Avalon grew closer to Odessia, the harder The Organization pushed back to fight against them. But in the end, the boy managed to get Avalon's leader to Odessia and both leaders began to talk of ending the war.

That's when The Organization's leader and it's remaining forces made one final move. With their leader, The Messenger and the surviving best Mecha's they could use, they launched a full on assault on Odessia in an attempt to wipe it off the face of the planet. While everyone fought against the Mecha's, the boy ended up facing The Messenger and managed to destroy it for good. Though the final confrontation with the leader is shrouded in mystery, he died and his plans were stopped. With The Organization's remaining forces surrendering, both countries finally declared the war to be over and the process for rebuilding both countries could finally begin.

Changing Hands

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Uh, why hello there. You seem to have stumbled upon my RP. So if you have an interest in joining, that's great! I hope I don't end up making you regret it. I'll be doing my best to run this and make it an enjoyable ride for everyone! If you do end up joining, you can ask me or another member in the RP for an invite into the Discord server! I prefer to have it so I can communicate easier with my members! I'll be putting up terms to know for the RP soon enough. Anyway, that's all I have to put in here for now. I hope to have a great ride with this!