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With a one million dollar prize at stake, what will you do to win it when you're against the best of the best?

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It was only a game.

Or that's what your friends had told you when they invited you out and you told them you couldn't because of one single game.

That game would be ChasmBred.

They said it was stupid, that you were stupid for getting so "addicted" to that game.
But now look at you, at the top of the ranks, you were invited to an elite exclusive tournament against the best of the best.

And the Prize?
One million dollars pure cash.

NOW, for what you've been playing the whole time, ChasmBred.

It's sort of like a .hack concept, where you immerse your own self into the game. Basically, it's like you're actually moving around in the field, only wearing a different skin, or your avatar.

For one thing, let's start with the basics of the rules.

No Auto-hitting.
No God-modding.
No Excessive swearing.

All right, now that we're finished with that, time to get more in-depth!

When you post your character, Please include your username in brackets alongside your characters name and whenever you post.

To start, all stats start with 30. You have ten points to allocate to your attributes such as stamina, strength, etc.
This game doesn't let you gain experience in a tournament, so basically no leveling-up.
There will be social periods called, "Get to know your Prey" Time. I'll announce when that'll happen, and absolutely NO fighting will ensue during that period of peacetime.
Romance is allowed, anything you know that is basically "Mature" Will need a time-skip.
Please, I beg of you, at least, five sentences or one paragraph.
Also, we'll have some time with the actual characters talking to each other "IRL", basically, something like lunch / Meal breaks.
Skill can be made-up, just include a description of what it does in the OOC and I'll post it up for all that use the same class to see.

And you can choose from five classes,

Cunning and wit are what make you in ChasmBred. You use your charm and silver tongue to get past most opponents, but in the tournament, you'll have to use more than that to get past money-hungry Players. You specialize in dual blades and daggers. Can only wear light armor.

With a strong spellpower and a weak offense, Mages appear to be defenseless up close, but once you reach a good distance, all hell'll break loose around you, as you go against a mage in ChasmBred. You specialize in Elemental and Buffer spells. You canot wear armor, and cannot equip anything other than staffs.

Holy warriors that spread the name of the Demons and the exalted One in ChasmBred, you have muscles on your side, not as strong as the warrior, and not as adept at using spells as a mage, it's an all around class that is good for strategists. You specialize in using Two-handed weapons and One handed weapons and shields, alongside crossbows. You can use minor spells but not major spells like a mage.

There's the saying, "Brain over Brawn", you're there to prove that wrong, All muscle and large amounts of Stamina, Warriors are great tanks and a great class to go with if you don't want to deal with complicated spells. Can only equip heavy armor and you specialize in Two-handed weapons and Crossbows.

With the wilderness at your side, you feel as if you can go against anything, of course that changes when you're not in your character's usual habitat. Rangers tend to stay away from the majority of the action, instead whittling away at foes with long range weapons like the crossbow and throwing knives. You can only wear light armor and can summon specific animal to aid you in only one kind of environment.

Well, now that that's out of the way, let's get on with more information,

Since you're an "elite" player, you start out with 30 points in each attribute, and ten points to allocate. There's no leveling up in the tournament so the stats are final unless notified and accepted by me. Well here's the Character skeleton and I prefer you just use a face as an avatar if you can and you to describe your character instead of providing a picture...

Code: Select all
Age: (18-40)
Username: [ put username between brackets ]

[b]IRL appearance:[/b]

[i]Physical appearance:[/i]

[b]Game appearance:[/b]

[i]Physical appearance:[/i]



Past: (Why you started playing ChasmBred etc.)



The GM of this roleplay hasn't created any rules! You can do whatever you like!

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