Children of the Zodiac: Righting Wrongs

Children of the Zodiac: Righting Wrongs

The world of Taushin, once glorious, has become a dangerous place. However, the Zodiacs have a plan to unveil; they send beings in their own image to Taushin. It is up to them to save the world.

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Children of the Zodiac:
Righting Wrongs


We as humans are unable to perceive the amount of worlds in which people dwell. We are but a one meaningless population of many, many populations scattered across the universe. The populations set in place by the Zodiac, the gods and goddesses of the worlds. They create the beings on each world and watch over them carefully, leaving them to their own devices while making sure they do not go astray.

Every now and then, a world does go astray - terribly so. And with heavy hearts, the Zodiacs end that world and wipe the life from its surface. They mourn the death of their children before creating a new, fresh world to replace the old one in hope that this one will not fail, as they all inevitabley do.

The world of Taushin is one of those dying worlds, a corrupted world that has earned itself a death sentence. Taushin is still in its medeval period, and many have turned against the kindred king and the laws he set out for the safety and comfort of all. He and his queen are assasinated and their only son is imprisoned so he cannot take the throne.

Without the king, Taushin has grown incredibly violent and dangerous. It is unsafe to leave one's home, and money is scarce. Sadly, Aries, the leader of the Zodiacs, commands Capricorn, the Death Zodiac, to end the world before more innocents suffer. However, just as Capriccorn raises his hand, Sagittarius, the Wisdom Zodiac, raises his hand to stop the destruction.

The Zodiac tells of another way, and bids each Zodiac bring before him the blood of a dying creature, a gemstone, and substance from an uninhabited celestial body.

Aries brings the blood of a ram, a diamond, and Martian soil.
Taurus brings the blood of a bull, an emerald, and soil from Venus.
Gemini brings the blood of twin wolves, a moss agate, and soil from Mercury.
Cancer brings the blood of a crab, a pearl, and a Moon rock.
Leo brings the blood of a lion, a ruby, and light from the Sun.
Virgo brings the blood of a dying virgin maid, a red-brown sardonyx, and soil from Mercury.
Libra brings the blood of a dying man of honesty and justice, a sapphire, and soil from Venus.
Scorpio brings the blood of a black scorpion, a opal, and ice from Pluto.
Sagittarius reveals the blood of a dying horse and his ailing rider, a topaz, and gas from Jupiter.
Capricorn brings the blood of a goat, a black onyx, and ice from Saturn's rings.
Aquarius brings the blood of a hard-working man, a turquoise, and gas from Uranus.
Pisces brings the blood of a fish, a moonstone (not from the moon; it's a gem), and gas from Neptune.

As the others look on, Sagittarius waves his arms over the piles and calls for the blood to grant new life in the image of the Zodiacs. The items swirled into human shape and gradually solidifed into twelve children, all appearing to be in their early teens.

For the nest two years, the Zodiacs trained their children- some had supernatural abilities, others did not - to do good and to find it in their heart to help the people of Taushin. In these years, they grew rapidly, soon appearing as young adults capable of fights and falling in love.

Now, the Zodiacs send their children to Taushin. They each have a role to play in the redemption of this world, a grander mission that is divided into three sub-missions:

One: Rescue the prince and the imprisoned innocents.
Two: Train eager warriors for the war to come.
Three: Take the weaker innocents to a safe haven outside the kingdom's borders.

The Children of the Zodiac must be persistant. For if even one is killed, all is lost.

The Basillica

The Basillica is the home of the Zodiacs. It is an expansive castle tucked into a corner of the heavens, unable to be accessed by anyone without supernatural abilities or ancestry. The Basillica is infinately enormous, with rooms for virtually everything. Each of the Children has their own quarters in the Basillica, of which consists of a bedroom, study, kitchenette, and a training room. This is where the Children spent their two years of training. Some had interaction with the other Children, others did not. ("Siblings" always have interaction, however.)

The Kingdom of Taushin

The Kingdom of Taushin is a large, village-like city with small homes, no electricity or such. The castle is a crude one of stone, lit by candelabras. The castle contains a dining hall, various boarding rooms (servant quarters, royal family quarters, etc), a music room, a library / study, a training room, a weapons storage, kitchens, and the dungeon (containment units, torture chambers, gallows, gullotine, etc). Ruled by the king, queen, and a group of twelve advisors. The lead rebel has taken up the throne following the assassination of the king and queen, his "queen" being the assassain herself.

Description of the Children & Their Roles

β™ˆ Color: Red β™ˆ Planet: Mars β™ˆ Animal: Ram β™ˆ Starstone: Diamond β™ˆ

(+) Courageous, yet reckless. (-)
(+) Confident, yet hotheaded. (-)
(+) Pioneering, yet impatient. (-)

The son of Aries is to lead the mission with all of his heart and to keep the Zodiacs constructive. All in all, the entire mission comes down to his leading of the othe Children, who have been taught to heed him, yet question him when absolutely necessery. He, in turn, was taught to accept the ideas and views of others. He will be taking part in the effort to train warriors. The two leaders he has appointed for the other submissions report back to him. He has no supernatural powers.

♉ Color: Pink ♉ Planet: Venus ♉ Animal: Bull ♉ Starstone: Emerald ♉

(+) Loving, yet possessive. (-)
(+) Persistant, yet self-indulgent. (-)
(+) Reliable, yet inflexible. (-)

Considered the "younger" sister of the Child of Libra, as they both were made from the soil of Venus, the Child of Taurus is the Granter of Mercy. It is her job, when the war ends and the enemies are defeated, to decide which of the corrupted souls deserve mercy. She has the supernatural ability to know a person's deepest ambition, and can tell when one is truely remorseful. In the meantime, she takes part in the submission to help evacuate the innocents from the kingdom. Enjoys solitude and the outdoors.

β™Š Color: Green β™Š Planet: Mercury β™Š Animal: Twin Wolves β™Š Starstone: Moss Agate β™Š

(+) Witty, yet cunning. (-)
(+) Lively, yet nervous. (-)
(+) Intellectual, yet inquisitive. (-)

Considered the "twin" brother of the Child of Virgo as they both were made from the soil of Mercury, the Child of Gemini is the Healer of the Wounded. He has a healing touch that works for most shallow wounds, and an infusion of his blood will heal almost any wound or disease. His primary task is the treat the wounded during the war and tend to the prisoners once their freed. However, for the time being he is a part of submission number three, where he helps tend to any disease that might come about. The more he loves someone, to more rapid and effective the healing will be. Enjoys social interaction. He and hissister can communicate telepathically.

β™‹ Color: Silver β™‹ Planet: Moon β™‹ Animal: Crab β™‹ Starstone: Pearl β™‹

(+) Emotional, yet clingy. (-)
(+) Intuitive, yet changeable. (-)
(+) Sympathetic, yet touchy. (-)

The Child of Cancer is the Mother of the Children and second-in-command. It is her responsibility to provide the Children of the Zodiac with advice concerning them personally and has been trained in patience just like the Child of Aries. She's a sucker for romance and young children. She is responsible for leading and overseeing submission one, as she is inconspicuous. She has no supernatural powers.

β™Œ Color: Gold β™Œ Planet: Sun β™Œ Animal: Lion β™Œ Starstone: Ruby β™Œ

(+) Generous, yet patronizing. (-)
(+) Broadminded, yet intolerant. (-)
(+) Faithful, yet interfering. (-)

The Child of Leo has been trained vigorously in the art of war and battle. He can use virtually any weapon the first time it is introduces to him without having to be taught. He is, after all, the Defender of the Children. It is his everlasting job to ensure that the Children of the Zodiac are not killed before the mission has succeeded. Like children. He takes part in submission two, training and recruiting warriors.

♍ Color: Dark Green & Dark Brown ♍ Planet: Mercury ♍ Symbol: Virgin ♍ Starstone: Red-Brown Sardonyx ♍

(+) Meticulous, yet overcritical. (-)
(+) Analytical, yet harsh. (-)
(+) Modest, yet conservative. (-)

Considered the "twin" sister of the Child of Gemini as they were both created from the soil of Mercury, the Child of Virgo is the Granter of Life. Her responsibility is to restore the world of Taushin after the war. She can cause plants to grow rapidly, and has the capability to raise the dead, though she's not sure how to yet. She takes part in submission two by helping the warriors train their minds to be logical. Likes order and organization. She and her brother can communicate telepathically.

β™Ž Color: Blue β™Ž Planet: Venus β™Ž Symbol: Scales β™ŽStarstone: Sapphire β™Ž

(+) Diplomatic, yet indecisive. (-)
(+) Charming, yet flirtatious. (-)
(+) Easygoing, yet gullible. (-)

Considered the "older" brother of the Child of Taurus as they were both created from the soil of Venus, the Child of Libra is the Bringer of Judgement. Like his sister, he can see into the deepest desires of men, but where she decides who deserves mercy, it is up to him to delve out sentences to those she passes over. He is a gentle soul who assists with submission three until the war.

♏ Color: Maroon ♏ Planet: Pluto ♏ Animal: Black Scorpion ♏Starstone: Opal ♏

(+) Passionate, yet obsessive. (-)
(+) Emotional, yet jealous. (-)
(+) Powerful, yet secretive. (-)

The Child of Scorpio is the Undercover Agent who is planted in the palace as one of the usurpers in order to find the prince. Obviously, he's part of submission one. His abilities are soundless stepping, mimicry, and exceptional hearing. Though he is a spy, he values others being truthful to him and isn't happy unless he is directly involved in pretty much everything.

♐ Color: Purple ♐ Planet: Jupiter ♐ Animal: Centaur ♐Starstone: Topaz ♐

(+) Honest, yet tactless. (-)
(+) Philosophical, yet irresponsible. (-)
(+) Optimistic, yet careless. (-)

The Child of Sagittarius serves as the Bringer of Wisdom. It is her job to re-educate the people of Taushin about their roots, the Zodiacs. She gives advice to all, having been taught many life lessons by Sagittarius himself. She takes place in submission one in hope that she can talk some sense into the usurpers, though it's highly unlikely. Values freedom and law.

β™‘ Color: Brown β™‘ Planet: Saturn β™‘ Animal: Goat β™‘ Starstone: Black Onyx β™‘

(+) Practical, yet pessimistic. (-)
(+) Prudent, yet fatalistic. (-)
(+) Reserved, yet grudging. (-)

The Child of Capricorn is the Bringer of Death. She can bring death to any plant, animal, or being with the wave of her hand, but has been warned to use her ability only once the Child of Libra sentences them to death. Her major task is to rid Taushin of harmful species once the war ceases. In the meantime, she takes part in submission two. Values reliability, professionalism, and purpose. Dislikes fantasies and ridicule.

β™’ Color: Turquoise β™’ Planet: Uranus β™’ Symbol: Water Bearer β™’ Starstone: Turquoise β™’

(+) Loyal, yet perverse. (-)
(+) Original, yet unpredictable. (-)
(+) Independent, yet detatched. (-)

The Child of Aquarius is the Reviver of the Children. It is his job to awaken the Children in Taushin, to transport them there from the Realm of the Zodiacs. After that, he participates in sub-mission one. Enjoys companionship and fun and dislikes lonliness, and idealistic people.

β™“ Color: Seagreen β™“ Planet: Neptune β™“ Animal: Fish β™“ Starstone: Moonstone β™“

(+) Sensitive, yet secretive. (-)
(+) Intuitive, yet idealistic. (-)
(+) Selfless, yet vague. (-)

The Child of Pisces serves as the Protector of Innocents, leading sub-mission one. Lacks supernatural abilites. Likes solitude and mystery. Dislikes people stating the obvious and know-it-alls.


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THEY HAVE TRAINED FOR TWO LONG YEARS, and now the time has come. The Children of the Zodiac are eager to prove themselves... Or die trying.

On a clearing in the woods, at the top of a hill, stands an odd lad. He looks smug as he stands there, holding in his fixed a ragged leather bag- or rather, a cloth tied closed with a leftover piece of twine. As the rising sun crests over the peak of the tor, the young man opens the bag, pouring into his hand eleven gems.

"I am the Son of Aquarius!" he yells into the distance. "I will bring to this land those who will redeem it, those with the power to save lives! Come forth and join me, my brothers and sisters, as I call upon you!"

Vitus hurls a diamond into the air. "The Son of Aries will lead his brothers and sisters, as does his father!"
He next throws a glittering emerald. "The Daughter of Taurus will hold out the hand of mercy, inspired by her mother!"
A moss agate. "The Son of Gemini will heal those harmed in this much needed revolution, arts taught to him by his father!"
A pearl. "The Daughter of Cancer will provide a motherly hand, a feminine touch, as does her mother!"
A ruby. "The Son of Leo will defend us in the midst of danger, sent to serve like his father!"
A red-brown sardonyx. "The Daughter of Virgo will bring life to the war torn land, the loving magic of her mother!"
A sapphire. "The Son of Libra will judge those who deserve no mercy and reek of sin, as impartial as his father!"
An opal. "The Son of Scorpio will be placed within the midst of our enemies, ever brave like his father!"
A topaz. "The Daughter of Sagittarius will grant wisdom to the ignorant citizens of this land, the wisdom of her father!"
A black onyx. "The Daughter of Capricorn will banish the harm from this land, as her father many of times has done!"
A moonstone. "The Daughter of Pisces will protect the innocents in the midst of war, ever caring as her mother!"

As Vitus calls out each line, the gems stay suspended in the air and begin to pulse in time, like little heartbeats. He takes only a second to admire his handiwork before raising his arms. His job is not yet complete.

"Life to my brothers and sisters, I say! Let them have flesh, let them have bone, let them bleed blood! Give them mortality, for only those who can die can give all!"

He brings his arms down swiftly, causing the gems to flash in one big multicolored plume of light. It would surely have blinded anyone else, but he can stand it. It is a gift he has been blessed with.

When the last light fades, eleven bodies - five male and six female - lie sprawled across the ground. Vitus helps the first man, the Son of Aries to his feet, then helps the Daughter of Cancere, his second-in-command. As far as he's concerned, everyone else can help themselves.


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For the first few minutes of her life, all Elena could feel was cold. All she could see was black. There was nothing around her, no colors, no sounds, nothing. She floated on in the empty abyss, reflecting on what her creator, Pisces had taught her. She had no self, she was to protect the innocents along with other people, she was going to die much sooner than others. Yet she still clung to the idealistic thought that the world would be accepting and that peace would be spread after the prince was saved along with the innocent. She had learned how to wield her battle axe but she was to use it sparingly as any wrong move could hurt the innocents that she was so desperate to protect. She wouldn't want that to happen. As she reflected, the black that surrounded her suddenly grew lighter and lighter as she was summoned.
"The Daughter of Pisces will protect the innocents in the midst of war, ever caring as her mother!"
As those words echoed in her mind, she had frowned a bit. She knew that she was supposed to protect the innocents. Who was saying these words. More words entered her mind.
"Life to my brothers and sisters, I say! Let them have flesh, let them have bone, let them bleed blood! Give them mortality, for only those who can die can give all!"
The world around her had suddenly expanded as soon as those words had finished. Ten other people were surrounding her on the ground. Some were unconscious but she was not. A strange man with dark red hair helped up a man and a woman from the floor. She had immediately recognized them as the Son of Aquarius, Son of Aries and Daughter of Cancer respectively. She had looked around and knew then that these would be her brothers and sisters in arms and that she would defend them to her very core until her own life had been exhausted. Elena stood up. She could get up all by herself. She had noticed a man struggling to try and stand. She recognized him as the Son of Libra. She had took his hand in her own and felt a small smile grow on her lips. There was a spark as she realized that this was someone who would be with her on her mission.
"Here, let me help you stand..."
Elena gently helped the man in blue robes to his feet.
"My name is Elena. I am the Daughter of Pisces. Though, you probably already knew that. What is your name?"


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Be arrogant, be weak, let his guard down. Those were the three things that Leo drilled into his head. The three things that he should never, ever do. That if he did any of them, somebody would die. His father had told him time and time again, that if any of the children died while they were on this quest, it would be his fault. The weight of the word literally rested on his shoulders. And while his shoulders were muscular and broad, they were oh so small compared to the world. He was the Defender of the Children, and if anybody was going to die, it would be him. And only when their quest was completed.

He felt himself being called forth into Taushin, into the world of the mortals. His warrior body noticed several things before he even opened his eyes. The most noticeable not being the fact that he was lying on the ground, but that a weapon was tightly gripped in his right hand. His powers told him that it was a bastard, or hand and half sword. It felt familiar in his hand, and not just because of his powers. It was a weapon he had trained with nearly everyday of those two years. And one of his favorites. He heard the breathing of others around him, eleven or so. That was what finally caused him to snap into action. For he didn't know who was around him.

The first thing he did was loosen the grip on his sword. So he could easily swing the weapon around if needed. Second, he opened his eyes surveying his surrounds, and more importantly, the people. He relaxed as much as he could allow himself to when he saw familiar faces. It was the other Children. Though he hadn't seen them very much, he had laid eyes on most of them. He rose to his feet and saw that the Son of Aquarius and the Daughter of Pisces were on their feet helping some of the others up. He did not do the same though.

He flexed his muscles, not to show off, but to make sure everything was the same as it was for those two years. Then he did a slow 360, surveying the surroundings as to make sure there was nothing dangerous around them. He didn't know when the danger would start, and he wasn't taking any chances. Letting someone die this early in the quest would be so shameful that his father wouldn't need to kill him for it. He'd do it himself.


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"With these words, my spirit bright,

Take my soul and seize the light.

A helping hand to healing lend,

So I return them to health again."

It was dark.

Amos floated in a sea of darkness.

He listened carefully as his brother spoke and his brothers and sisters were born right along with him.

"Life to my brothers and sisters, I say! Let them have flesh, let them have bone, let them bleed blood! Give them mortality, for only those who can die can give all!"

Amos listened to those words and then felt an immense pain. A gift from his father to remind him of his lesson.

When Amos awoke, his eyes fluttered open and he was holding hands with his sister as they lay next to each other. He cherished her more then anything. But the his eyes shifted to his arms. The markings were bleeding, getting a little blood on the ground and on his sister's hands. He rose from his position his sister following. He then stood first, helping his sister up as he looked at the other children. His arms were still bleeding but Amos didn't think anything of it. His healing abilities would soon come in and close the wounds that his father had given him. While he was in deep thought, his sister, the Daughter of Virgo, took him into a hug, reminding him that she was always there for him. That everyone was. He noticed the ones up were the leaders and another smaller Zodiac child. Amos despised the way that Vitus acted. Instead of helping all of his brethren up, he went straight to the leaders, Leo and Cancer. This burned Amos deeply, as if Vitus was telling him that you don't matter enough for me to help you. His sister grabbed his hand and he calmed down. He put his forehead to his sister's then said the words his father had taught him.

It was beginning and nothing else was to prepare them for what lies ahead. They had each other and that was all.


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Dara felt calm and secure the the darkness that consumed her, seeing nothing in front of her and feeling nothing around her. She could hear Vitus speaking, feeling comforted by the familiar voice. Suddenly she could feel the ground beneath her. The grass scratched her slightly and she reveled in the feeling of life underneath her. Dara slowly opened her eyes, the bright light blinding her for a moment before her eyes adjusted and she could see all the other children around her. Vitus offered his hand to help her up and she graciously took it, smiling up to him, "Thank you Vitus, you've done well." She patted his shoulder, looking over the other children carefully. She'd felt obligated to fuss over all of them, even if they hated it

She couldn't help the smile on her lips as she watched some help their fellow children up, looking over to the daughter of Pisces, Elena. She was helping the son of Libra up. And out of the corner of her eye she could see Amos, the son of Gemini helping his sister up. Leo had practically sprung up himself, ready to face any danger. Dara glanced over to son of Aries, unsure of what to do. She was only second in command, surely she had to wait for the leader to speak. She eventually cleared her throat, "Is everyone alright? No one's hurt are they?" Was the first question to slip off her tongue. It only felt natural to see if anyone was hurting before speaking of the missions. She glanced to her dagger, knowing for a fact that it was practically useless to her, considering she did not spend her two years training in the ways of fighting. She stood next to Vitus, glancing over to the son of Aquarius, "Tell me Vitus, will you aid me in leading this mission?" She questioned, feeling a little unsure about her leadership skills still.


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Darkness wasn't really something Seras feared. It wasn't something that was scary, but, then again, not comforting. How long had she been dwelling in it? That was a mystery, but not one she bothered to ponder, for in that blackness, Seras felt, heard, and thought of nothing. Other than knowing that that truly hated it.

Luckily for her, that horrid sensation finally ended when she heard the words of her brother, "The Daughter of Taurus will hold out the hand of mercy, inspired by her mother!" That was her. Her title. "Life to my brothers and sisters, I say! Let them have flesh, let them have bone, let them bleed blood! Give them mortality, for only those who can die can give all!"

Her eyes opened at the sound of Vitus calling her. While she saw nothing, something felt familiar, and then there was light, and within seconds that she hadn't counted, she felt the ground, and upon opening her red and unnatural colored eyes, she saw clearly the world before her, "Finally..." She said after gasping her first breath of fresh air.

Unlike a few of the others who got help, or needed help getting to their feet, Seras took her strength and straightened herself as she stood up, tall and proud. Perhaps she bring mercy, but only to those who truly deserved it. She was not kind-hearted and weak person that couldn't get herself off the ground. At least, she didn't want to look weak amongst the others. Even if she wasn't a leader, Seras most likely had the pride of one.

She raised her hand in front of her, grabbing it with her other then looking at the rest of her given body, "Mmm... Not bad." She murmured to herself then took a breath again. Seras knew she'd enjoy the air for a long time.

"Is everyone alright? No one's hurt are they?" Seras heard Dara ask.

However, she didn't respond, feeling no need to. She would have gone to help the others, but also found no need to. They weren't babies. They weren't helpless. Maybe she was being a little too harsh, but she found them to be fine. Her role in battle was to show mercy, but outside, Seras could feel and act the way she felt she wanted to.

Seras stretched her arms upwards, her sharp red eyes still scanning her surroundings, including while looking at the other children; Elena, Amos, Dara, Vitus, her dear and loved brother, then there was Viggo. Seras wasn't quite sure she would come on right terms with him, despite all of them being in the same boat. She didn't help the others because she felt they didn't need the help. His reason, she assumed, was probably different.


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"TO A BOY WITHOUT SIGHT, darkness is meaningless..."

Silence is the worst thing to a blind man. There is nothing there to gauge his place in time and being. It is truly horrifying, a world that may as well be fully empty for all he knows. He could be the only man alive in the world and never know it.

It's not that this silence had been unexpected; indeed, Libra had warned Caecclius of such a handicap prior to placing him in his still-life, between worlds state of being so that the Son of Aquarius may resurrect him into Taushin in due time.

Caecclius frowns slightly. He has never really minded Vitus, but the conceited kid always made sure to let others know his pride in lacking handicap, during which Caecclius could practically feel his mocking gaze. But he wouldn't hold grudges. It is, after all, quite certainly the truth, whether he likes it or not. He might as well get used to the discrimination; surely more would come soon.

Caecclius feels his heart leap as the silence finally breaks with a single phrase from the very man he had been thinking of. "The Son of Libra will judge those who deserve no mercy and reek of sin, as impartial as his father!"

A smile crosses Caecclius's face at the thought. Yes, as impartial as his father, thanks to the very handicap that set him out from the other Children. But he trusts Father to the fullest ability of his heart; surely the god of judgement and discipline knew what he was doing when he took his only son's vision from him.

"Life to my brothers and sisters, I say! Let them have flesh, let them have bone, let them bleed blood! Give them mortality, for only those who can die can give all!"

Caecclius thinks about that statement momentarily. Only those who can die can give all... But wasn't it their goal not to die, to stay alive to redeem Taushin? But perhaps it would inspire the Taushinians, seeing the risk they're taking for these people... Maybe, just maybe...

However, he hasn't the oppurtunity to ponder the matter fully, as just then, his suspension ceases and he collapses to the ground.

Caecclius, head spinning, struggles to get to his feet, to find his very balance. He barely has a chance to try before a small hand slides into his own. A voice that seems to match its gentleness fills his ears. "Here, let me help you stand..." He concedes, allowing her to pull him to his feet. "My name is Elena. I am the Daughter of Pisces. Though, you probably already knew that. What is your name?"

"Thank you, Elena," Caecclius says quietly. "My name is, um, Caecclius. I appreciate your help. I was having abit of trouble coordinating myself, there." He laughs softly. "It's funny, though; you're voice doesn't sound familiar. I assume we never ran into each other at the Basillica?"

"Is everyone alright? No one's hurt are they?"

Caecclius's quiet laugh reccurs at Dara's fretful clucking. "I'm alright, Dar! It's good to know that you're alright as well." He waves in her direction carelessly, taking inventory of the other voices and sounds while still paying attention for Elena.

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