Christi and co

Christi and co


this universe is on earth, a young artist named Christi decided to make a character that she would use forever. as she created the first one she made others too. and so her drawings came to life

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this universe is on earth, a young artist named Christi decided to make a character that she would use forever. And so Inky was made. Inky is a ink creature that looks like a wolf but with human poses. she shares the same height as Christi. Her siblings were made later as Christi didn't think of giving Inky siblings.

As Christi made Inky on paper she immediately fell in love with her. so she kept drawing her and starting to make even more characters. One day she notices that one of her drawing were mysteriously blank. ''Weird...'' she thought and heard a noise behind her. she turned around quickly and saw Inky as a person in front of her. Christi wanted to scream but Inky covered her mouth and said ''hey hey hey! It's me, inky... don't worry...''. Christi nodded with big eyes. Inky slowly put her paw away. "How are you alive??" asked Christi with amazement. "I don't know... this is the first time this happened" answered Inky and saw another one of Christi's characters, Dotty aka. Inky's sister.

"Her too?!" said Christi as she saw Dotty. "Long story... also Inky lied, we always come out of our papers. Don't worry there are no clones." said Dotty kinda shyly. Inky looked at Dotty and made a face that when you read it you were in trouble. "Where are the others?" Asked Christi "they're hiding. so you don't know their secret" answered Dotty. Christi sooner met them and had lots of fun

now when she made a series or comic about her characters then it would actually happen in real life.

'til now she had a life with her secret OCs pretty swell. But who knows what adventures there awaits?

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Character Portrait: Inky


Character Portrait: Inky

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Character Portrait: Inky

ageless ink creature

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Character Portrait: Inky

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