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This is a character and topic driven role-play. Fictional characters will be portrayed to work out real life situations. Then, there will be break out OOC discussions.

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Warning: The topics and content in this RP does not necessarily reflect the opinions of the owners, operators, and users of this site. This is simply a creative outlet for those with similar interests and beliefs.

This is a character driven role-play. Fictional characters will be portrayed to work out real life situations. Then, there will be break out OOC discussions (similar to Bible Studies) to discuss the interactions between the characters and how we should handle these situations in real life.

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I only have a few rules to make the going easier on everyone:

1) Scripture based judgments only - You must back up all judgments regarding players and characters with scripture references.
2) Take the Word in context only - This means pay close attention to the passages before and after a scripture reference or passage to ensure you have the correct meaning.
3) Listen to someone else' point of view, before trying to assert yours.
4) If you just CANNOT agree with someone else, take it to God in prayer, before approaching them.
5) Approach each other in love, asking yourself this question. "What would Jesus do?"

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Katrina was the Choir directer at the little chapel on the hill. She brushed her wavy brown hair out of her face and her green eyes lit up as she excitedly walked into the chapel and looked around. She was glad that everyone was almost here. She was only waiting for two of the 10 choir members to show up, then they'd begin practicing for the Fourth of July service. She walked up to the assembling 8 choir members. "Is everyone ready to begin warming up while we wait for the others?"

After an affirmation from the eight members in front of her, Katrina began working on scales with the group.

(OOC: This is just a small post to get it started. If you suggest topics, then I will make sure our future mini-rps are based on those topics. This is a topic and character driven RP.)

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Public Apology

This is definitely related to this RP, because I am a Christian. My recent blow-up in the chat-room, however, should not have happened. While I still hold that I was publicly abused, the subsequent spectacle I made of myself after was uncalled for. I will, however, still be taking steps to protect myself and others from future abuse. I have already explained what those steps will be, so it is not necessary to repeat them. I do, however, wish to publicly apologize for the use of colorful language and caps and for loosing my cool.


Ada Fitch

My RP Maintenance and Posting Schedule

***Note: I have tried to find another place to post this. But there doesn't seem to be such a place. I will also copy it to each of my individual RP's I just wanted to have a central place for this.***

My RP Maintenance and Posting Schedule

.....Login One - Devine Blood (The saga of Psalms)
.....Login Two - Rytar Mental Hospital - The Light Ward
.....Login Three - The Multiverse (Chat: If you see me there, I will likely start out in the OOC for a few minutes and then Gambit's bar or Canti's Diner. If you have a specific character you want me to bring in, and I am not otherwise busy, then just ask me.)

.....Login One - General Medieval
.....Login Two - The Multiverse (Chat)
.....Login Three - The OFFICIAL Christian Role-play (Open Rp)

.....Login One - Devine Blood (The saga of Psalms)
.....Login Two - Faith Based RP (Coming Soon - Pending Approval)
.....Login Three - Rytar Mental Hospital - The Light Ward

.....Login One - The Multiverse (Chat)
.....Login Two - Rytar Mental Hospital - The Light Ward
.....Login Three - General Medieval

.....Login One - Faith Based RP (Coming Soon - Pending Approval)
.....Login Two - General Medieval
.....Login Three - Devine Blood (The saga of Psalms)

Saturdays will be for family and Sundays for God for now on. Also, though each login won't have a special time, each will be a maximum of 90 min.


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