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"I do not wish to give fright, I wish to join the festivities for the night."

a character in “Christmas Estate”, as played by Pichu-Chan

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Name: Zecora

Gender: Female

Species: Zebra

Age: Older mare (I'm very unsure of her actual age)

Appearance: Image
With hood:

History: Not much is known about Zecora other than that she came from her homeland to live in the Everfree Forest in a hut outside of Ponyville. Many ponies feared her at first, always locking themselves in their homes whenever she came to visit, her mysterious background leading to rumors that she was an evil witch. An incident involving the mane six (who all excluding Twilight had also feared her) helped her to rid her of her reputation, leading her to befriend them and finally be welcome within the pony community.

Zecora wants her and her culture to be understood by others, but unfortunately due to her mysterious background and strange appearance, perhaps even appearing to be scary at first, she is often misunderstood and unfairly feared. However, despite this, she is willing to forgive such misunderstandings and also very willing to help those in need. She's fairly wise and knowledgeable, always being willing to give bits of advice and even more willing to learn. She is usually very calm, even in hectic situations and sometimes mediates in her spare time, but this certainly does not mean that she can't get angry or upset. She is very fond of stories and nursery rhymes.

Skills/Abilities: She is very knowledgeable in various Equestrian herbs, potions, and some species that most ponies haven't even heard of. She is also able to, of course, make said potions and put the herbs to good use. She can use what can be described as 'her own kind of magic', mainly being illusion-like things for story telling. She's very fluent in the native language of her homeland and is near-fluent in English.

Items: Various Equestrian herbs, plants, potions, ect. that she has with her, along with a book that has various recipes recorded.

Weapons: I suppose you could count her illusionary 'magic' as being one.

Quote(s): "Maybe next time you will take a second look, and not judge the cover of the book."

Fun Facts: Zecora is based upon some African Culture and some Zebra culture as well, so I may incorporate some of those things while RPing.

Theme Song: SenatorMyth - Savannah Sunrise

Crush/Lover: Nopony

Extra: N/A

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