Circus groundsEric Omager

"I'm not the middle brother! ... At least not anymore..."

a character in “Circus Freaks”, as played by Pichu-Chan

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Name: Eric Omager
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Teen no.: 6
Description: Eric has pale, white skin that gets burned easily. He has a normal height for his age and a healthy weight. He has grey blue eyes and soft, slightly messy black hair. Generally, in physical attributes he's unnoticeable. But he dresses in bright, colorful clothes, when he came to the circus he was wearing a white, blue, and yellow floral patterned scarf, a vest of the same colors that's striped and has a big four leaf clover on the back, a pink tye-dye shirt, bright purple and green stockings, and white Sunday shoes.
Freak Trait: -I'll add one once all of the freak spots are filled, if that's alright.-
Personality: Eric is rather boisterous and confident. He's not easily beaten down and will argue to the very end about something, too stubborn to care about the consequences that having the last word will bring him, mainly because he rather enjoys arguments, they're the only time he feels confident enough to express his feelings. His hidden feelings may cause him to have some form of resentment against others. This may cause him to do things that cause him guilt later, even if they weren't meant with the most malice of intentions. However, despite his apparent attitude, he's quite helpful and is glad to assist others when and if they need it, but is rather independent and doesn't ask for help much himself. He values individuality and strives to be noticed, not liking it when he's just disregarded as a stereotype or some title like 'the middle brother' and will fight back about this vigorously. His strive for originality led him to an interest in fashion and designing clothes. Though he does care about being acknowledged, he could care less for people he doesn't like.
Likes: Winning arguments and having the last word, having arguments, his family (even with his individuality problem), helping others, being noticed and acknowledged as something other than 'the middle brother', fashion and designing clothes, being original.
Dislikes: Losing arguments, hiding his feelings, doing things he regrets doing, being grouped with a label or a title, people who think he's 'girly' for liking to design clothes and wearing colorful ones.
Fears: What his parents or anyone else would do if they ever found out that he injected the 'cure' into his sister, doing something he'd REALLY regret, never being noticed or forever bearing the title as the 'middle brother'.
History: Being the middle brother in a family of three, he was never spoiled or congratulated for his achievements, he was always just 'average'. He finally got tired of being average and unnoticed, always bearing the title as just 'the middle brother, so he finally broke out by wearing strange colorful clothes and as a result discovered how much he liked fashion and designing clothes. Though he looked rather weird, he was able to draw a crowd towards himself and finally stand out, but he still resented the title of 'the middle brother'. The only attention he couldn't draw, however, was his parents', they always seemed to shower either his sister in attention or support his older brother, but would always just give him a 'that's nice'.

Attention matters only got worse when his little sister got cancer. Though having cancer was a horrible thing, he couldn't help but have some brewing jealousy towards his sister's condition, always getting more attention than before, though it wasn't like that was saying much for a spoiled sister. Then one day he found a supposed 'cure'. Knowing his parents, they likely wouldn't dare to even let a doctor inject it into her, so he decided to sneak into her hospital room as she was sleeping and inject it at night. She'd be cured and she wouldn't get so much attention anymore, it was a win-win situation! ... But then his sister disappeared, his parents claiming that there was a 'demon' possessing her and that she was now dead. Though they were prime suspects, they were never really arrested. He finally got all the attention his little sister had gotten for all these years, but felt too guilty to really appreciate it, feeling like it was all his fault, and partly it was. A few years later he saw a poster for a free Freak Show and I'm sure that you know what happens from there...

So begins...

Eric Omager's Story