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"Please... I don't want to remove my mask... I don't want to lose you too..."

a character in “Circus Freaks”, as played by Pichu-Chan

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Name: Lisa Omager
Freak no.: 8
Freak name: Badluck Oni
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Description: Lisa has dirty brown, crackling skin that looks like a dry riverbed, only the back of her head has no cracks but is still dry and dirty brown like the rest of it is. She's small for her height and is underweight, her ribs slightly showing. With some weight, she'd have a rectangle body shape. She has no hair due to a mix of chemotherapy and her side effects making it never grow back. Her eyes are a stark, bright red, being two big red dots against white. She has very pointy ears and fangs that stick out like a sore thumb. She also has two long horns on the top of her head that curve up. She wears silly clothes, a black formal shirt with a red tie with pink spots contrasting with an orange and blue striped skirt and big clown shoes of the same color. Covering her face is a white oni mask. Many laugh at what she's wearing and don't notice her dirty brown cracked skin and her silly performance helps to distract them. But at the end of the show, she removes her mask with gasps of disgust and horror at the 'demon' they were once laughing at.
Personality: Lisa is desperate for others attention and approval, often being eager to please others in return for some sort of positive acknowledgement. She loves to make others laugh and will do anything, including hurting herself, to do so. She doesn't like removing her mask, as it makes others gasp and stop laughing, but she's made to as 'part of the act' anyways. She can be naive, though that's mixed in with her often denying things for the sake of keeping what happiness and friends she can have. She can be very clingy and doesn't like being alone or not being the center of attention as she's used to being, though she doesn't quite like being the center of attention for negative reasons either. She can be very paranoid and superstitious, something she got from her parents, and doesn't like being ignored or being told off about her paranoia.
Likes: Others laughing at her, being acknowledged, being the center of attention, having friends, many of the other freaks.
Dislikes: Having others look at her with horror or disgust for her appearance, not being acknowledged or the center of attention, removing her mask, having attention brought to her for negative reasons, being alone, being paranoid and told off about her paranoia.
Fears: Losing any of her friends, having any of her paranoia or superstitions come true.
Equipment: Her horns.
Powers: Despite how small she is, she has some super strength. At most she can lift up a grown man. She can also control some small wind currents.
Strengths: Her superstitions make her extra careful, can go for days without water, and can stand a lot of pain.
Weaknesses: Can be easily manipulated, she can't have too much water, and having her mask off makes her feel very venerable.
History: Lisa had been the youngest in a family of three, being spoiled and showered with attention and love. She had been the class clown, often making others laugh and being cute enough to draw others near her. Her parents were very superstitious though, being sure to avoid cracks, black cats, and often blamed bad things on a number of things like bad luck, demons, ect. Then came the cancer at the age of 12, her parents blaming it on a curse from her great grandfather who was a pirate with the 'black spot'. Her family was supportive of her, being with her as she went through treatment and lost all her hair... The second youngest heard of a cure, but knew how his parents would never approve of it, being so superstitious, so he injected it at night, hoping to surprise his parents with a healthy sister...

Instead they were horrified by the 'demon' in the hospital bed where their daughter was supposed to be, chasing out the 'demon'. They concluded that their daughter had been possessed and on their own accord declared their daughter 'dead', when really she had been running away, scared and confused as to why they called her a demon and chased her out, but then suddenly saw her appearance, horrified at what she saw. Though she could survive for a number of days without anything, desperate for love and attention she joined the circus.
Other: She has a small teddy bear, something she ran away with from the hospital.

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