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This is a list of locations that can be found in Cirque Regalis.

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Cirque Regalis

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         Svetlana listened as the two men talked, completely ignorant to their words. She heard Belle's name crop up at the end and her interest was garnered. She looked to Dmitri for an explanation, her already alabaster complexion going even more pale than imaginable as he spoke to her. They could no longer perform in America? He mentioned only that they could not perform in the next few cities, but if it were only just a few cities presenting a block he wouldn't be this angry. America was filled with cities and seven or eight of them were no dent in his potential fortune. What did this mean? She feared that he would shut down the circus and send everyone away. Would he send her away? She frowned at the thought and let her hand slide into his as he neared her, giving a light squeeze.

Beyond the pair, Robert watched carefully before giving a nod. “I'll see if I can find Belle and send her over dis way.” He gave a nod of his head and was soon off, leaving the two to their business. He wondered when Dmitri would decide to break the news to everyone and he wondered even more how they would take it. It wasn't the first time that they'd been run out of a town but it certainly was the first time that virtually an entire country had run them out. It wasn't as though they couldn't perform in a single place in America, of course. There were certainly a number of places where they'd be welcome. However, with televisions providing cheaper entertainment at home and a general dislike for Russians since the war... They wouldn't be able to make such profits as they had before.

Robert shoved his hands into his pockets and made his way towards the train car that Belle now shared with Sugar and sometimes the twins, as the boys had taken to keeping the young maven company since the abrupt departure of her adoptive father. He glanced off to see that the boys were with Sugar and Jack, listening to the girl play some Chopin. He gave a smile before approaching the door of the blue train car, knocking a few times. He could hear some moaning from within and couldn't help but to give a light smirk. That woman always seemed to busy with something or someone, almost as bad as he was.

Inside, Belle could hear the knocking but she ignored it as her eyes rolled to the back of her head. The knocking came a few more times and she whined, half out of pleasure and half out of irritation. She could still hear Sugar's music so she knew that it wasn't her. When the mystery person finally let out a soft laugh at the sound of her whine, she identified it as Robert and shook her head. Grunting, she shoved the man she was with out of her bed and threw his pants at him while she was getting up. “What the fuck?!” He glared at her angrily while putting on his pants. She offered him a roll of her eyes as she grabbed a blue silk robe and tossed it on loosely, barely tying it around her waist. She opened the door to reveal the smirking Cajun, her brow lifting.

Her male visitor stormed off while buttoning up his shirt, not even having his pants zipped or belt buckled. “Darling, you owe me a climax.” Belle gave a soft giggle and lifted her chin, wordlessly asking why he would disturb her. As a man who appreciated the fine art of sex, she knew he wouldn't interrupt her unless it was important. “We goin' to shift countries soon and Dmitri wants to talk to ya. I reckon it's got somethin' to do wit Lana.” He took her hand gently and gave a wink as he kissed her knuckles with soft lips. “And don' worry; You jus' tell me when an' where.” She giggled and gave a nod before closing the door as he left, moving to the mirror to work on getting ready to head out to see their illustrious ring master. However, she had something else to do first. She moved towards the door and opened it, poking her head out. “Clay, could you come here?” She spotted him sitting near Jack, Sugar, and the twins. She hadn't spoken to him in... Well, what seemed to be far too long for her liking. Days, perhaps. Between shows, Lana, and drama... She just hadn't had the time.