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[font=times new roman:3n47dd1p][center:3n47dd1p][left:3n47dd1p][img:3n47dd1p][/img:3n47dd1p] [img:3n47dd1p][/img:3n47dd1p] Hex Code: [color=#c7256e:3n47dd1p]#c7256e[/color:3n47dd1p] Outfit: [url=]This[/url:3n47dd1p][/left:3n47dd1p][/center:3n47dd1p][center:3n47dd1p]Chanel laughed innocently as she followed Cara to the back, purposely delaying giving a response while Collin was still in earshot. It wasn't like she was dating him or anything, so it wasn't like she needed to have some explanation ready, but it wasn't a serious date and she didn't want it to seem like that just because she didn't want to get into the habit of lowering her standards of what a [i:3n47dd1p]real[/i:3n47dd1p] date was. At least, that was what she told herself was the real reason behind her polite giggles. Chanel only shrugged with an amused smirk on her face as she silently thought of responses to Cara's thinking-out-loud commentary. [color=#c7256e:3n47dd1p]"I mean stability [i:3n47dd1p]is[/i:3n47dd1p] nice,"[/color:3n47dd1p] she said nonchalantly, grinning the while because stability wasn't something that Cara was really in need of, at least not in the way that Chanel was thinking of. Cara probably did need someone to stabilize [i:3n47dd1p]her[/i:3n47dd1p], but as far as other things went, her things were pretty stable. She didn't need to settle down because basically everything was settled for her, but nevertheless, she understood where the girl was coming from; Chanel didn't want to settle, even though it pretty much felt like she was settling so that she wouldn't have to settle in the future. [color=#c7256e:3n47dd1p]"I wouldn't say they're pigs, per say,"[/color:3n47dd1p] Chanel said as she closed Cara's bedroom door behind her. As they crossed through the living room she continued, [color=#c7256e:3n47dd1p]"I'd say their time-wasting soul leeches with a shared agenda to make every decent girl's life worse than it was before, but that could just be a me thing."[/color:3n47dd1p] [color=#c7256e:3n47dd1p]"So trust me, you don't want to be on my level. No point in going to level 1 when you're at level 5. But c'mon."[/color:3n47dd1p] She nudged Cara as they walked down the steps. She was sure the dating scene for the two of them were [i:3n47dd1p]very[/i:3n47dd1p] different, even outside of the kind of guys they were looking for or talking to and how they were seeking these guys out. Chanel's 'dating' situation alone spoke to that level of truth, but even still, Chanel felt like Cara could afford to be a lot pickier than she could be for multiple reasons. [color=#c7256e:3n47dd1p]"I know it's not [i:3n47dd1p]that[/i:3n47dd1p] bad, seriously. I know you've got a bunch of fine ass heirs in your DM's wanting to know if blondes really do have more fun; don't play me. And I bet they're all doable, but you're not giving them a chance. I mean, unless that's [i:3n47dd1p]not[/i:3n47dd1p] what you're looking for?"[/color:3n47dd1p] Chanel stopped on the platform, her hand on her chest in shock at the possible notion that Cara wouldn't be solely interested in people who resembled her. She gasped theatrically as she continued down the steps. [color=#c7256e:3n47dd1p]"Could my friend possibly have a taste--no, a [i:3n47dd1p]desire[/i:3n47dd1p] for something a little less Bartholomew from the Upper East Side and a little more Caleb from Brooklyn?"[/color:3n47dd1p] She eyed Cara suspiciously, like she was trying to get her to admit that she had a crush on somebody. [color=#c7256e:3n47dd1p]"I mean, you basically just described your social circle, right? Rich heirs, entrepreneurs, probably a little bit conceited,"[/color:3n47dd1p] Chanel said, the ending bit in a baby voice as she pinched Cara's cheek, half-implying that she was really describing Cara as well. [color=#c7256e:3n47dd1p]"But it's okay because we still love her. I mean seriously, either you're exaggerating and you've got dudes lined up for days and you're just being pickyyyy because Bartholomew is a shy 6'1 and only wearing a $2,000 suit that he probably got from Saks Off Fifth or you're getting pounded every weekend and baby boy just isn't hitting it right and is leaving you wondering if it would be better with Jake from State Farm. I know some people who are into ugly dudes, I'm just saying it might be a thing for you. I mean, when's the last time you slept with someone anyways? It couldn't have been that long, right?"[/color:3n47dd1p] She didn't mean to answer for Cara, or pose the question so that the girl would feel bad to admitting that yes, it had been a while, but she honestly thought Cara was just being Cara about things. It was hard to imagine--as unfair as it was to Cara because no one should be held to the expectation that every facet of their life is in order just because they're in a small percentage of people with certain accesses and privileges--that dating would actually be a struggle for her. Chanel was really out here dating for money, and that was the only luck she's had with men since the beginning of time, which definitely sent a negative message to her subconscious. After getting out of her own abusive relationship, it was also a lot easier to believe that people didn't realize just how good they had it.[/center:3n47dd1p][/font:3n47dd1p]