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The second battle of a major war between God and Satan are about to break out, and 4 special children are the key to His victory.

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Setting: Earth2010-10-16 06:58:01, as written by fierytempest
Effy wasn't the kind of person to be upset when someone was picked on--since she was usually the instigator--but she was pretty ticked when he made fun of Bailey's short-sightedness. It was really more stupid than anything. And she actually liked Bailey, which couldn't be said for how she felt most people. Most people fell all over Effy, trying to win her affection. It was sickening. But Bailey had always been really laid back, and genuinely nice. Effy couldn't say she was exactly a friend, after all, they didn't run in the same circles. Still, she wasn't a bad girl.

And Effy couldn't help but smile when Jack Klein stuck up for Bailey. Part of it could also be that Mr. Crowther was such a creeper, and had hit on Effy more than once. It was nice to see him being told off. Plus she liked Jack Klein too. Even though he was kind of an emo kid. But, whatever. He'd always been pretty cool to her, not seeing her as some popular princess, but just a chick you could talk to. And he was kind of cute, although she'd never admit that to anyone.

Effy headed towards the girls' locker room, where she changed into her practice uniform. Time to round up the minions, she thought to herself. She adjusted her ponytail in the mirror, and headed out to the track.

"Okay, ladies. We've got a game tonight tomorrow night, and you better have this routine flawless!" she yelled towards the other cheerleaders. She took her position as head cheerleader very seriously, and found that leadership suited her well. Suited her well, indeed.