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The second battle of a major war between God and Satan are about to break out, and 4 special children are the key to His victory.

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Setting: Heaven2010-10-21 01:39:11, as written by HandofSorrow31
Having finally decided on a punishment for Crowther while he was still alive, God gazed down into the sphere beside His throne; He was watching the four children He had set aside for a very special plan He had come up with, all for the sake of defeating and containing Satan. Although, the "children" weren't really children anymore. They had all blossomed into...teenagers. God couldn't say much else about them, for occasionally, they all committed a sin. They didn't do anything worthy of being with Satan- not to mention God cut a few strings here and there-, but they weren't perfect little saints. Some of them God wasn't even sure believed in Him or not.

But no matter what, the four adolescents would learn to believe in the Lord. And their time would be soon.