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The second battle of a major war between God and Satan are about to break out, and 4 special children are the key to His victory.

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Setting: Earth2010-10-22 07:14:40, as written by Machina Ex Deus
Jack's head snapped up at the sound of a voice. That was weird. Nobody really talked to him if they could avoid it. It took him a second to recognize that it was Bailey Rivers again. Wait, didn't she have a game right now or something? He figured it must be important in that case.

He'd been about to slide into the driver's seat, but he switched direction only slightly awkwardly and stood back up, closing the car door with a thud. "Uh... Bailey? Is everything okay?" She was really booking it across the parking lot. Maybe he'd left something out on the track? It wasn't his turn to take care of the equipment today, but if everyone else had already left, he guessed he probably ought to take care of it.

He suddenly wondered if it was rude to talk to people with sunglasses on. He'd seen people do it before, but most of them were jerks anyway. maybe it had something to do with the fact that you couldn't see people's eyes if they did that? Wouldn't that actually make it less rude for him, since most people couldn't sustain eye contact for more than a few seconds anyway? Could one glare behind a pair of shades? Why he cared, he didn't know, and he ultimately decided to leave them on, since it might look weird if he took them off for no reason. So maybe she didn't know he was looking at her expectantly, waiting for her to say something. Either way, she would eventually, right?