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The second battle of a major war between God and Satan are about to break out, and 4 special children are the key to His victory.

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Setting: Hell2010-10-30 22:41:29, as written by HandofSorrow31
The excitement of having witnessed a soul in pain having worn off, Lucifer walked briskly back to his throne, where he had a perfect view of everything occurring in his little realm of death and agony. He smiled in the direction of a scream, but it provided little help as far as his boredom went. Beginning to play with is pointed tail, Lucifer started brainstorming ideas to amuse himself. Dropping people, one by one, into the lava pits grew annoying after a while (contant, unbroken patterns were something Lucifer had little or no patience for); whipping, he had just witnessed; raising a knife against the souls didn't seem appealing either...

Then, it came to him. Holding his hands together, Lucifer thought of one single sin: lust. The abstract concept quickly developed in his hands, a pulsing red orb with shots of pink, white, and purple in it. When it was able to rest calmly in his palm, Lucifer raised his essence to the Earth, searching for one or two or all of God's special little children that were supposedly going to destroy him, the Devil.

Like that would ever happen.

Finding the perfect scenario for his scheme, Lucifer sent the lust orb off. It was invisible to everyone but him, and it couldn't be directed by anyone but him. He stopped it in the center of the two children, and forced a mental needle into the orb. Instantly, the need for lust covered Bailey Rivers and Emerson "Jack" Klein.