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The second battle of a major war between God and Satan are about to break out, and 4 special children are the key to His victory.

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Setting: Earth2010-11-18 01:58:18, as written by Machina Ex Deus
Jack made a disgusted noise and turned off the television. There was nothing on; even the discovery channel was just running a repeat of something he'd seen before. What was the big draw of reality TV anyway? He personally couldn't stand it. People just made huge idiots out of themselves, and he was supposed to enjoy watching it? The Hell?

Depositing his carton in a trash can, the young man stretched and yawned slightly, glancing up at his clock. Huh. That time already? It had to be dark out by now. Not that this meant anything in particular to him; he was something of a nocturnal creature by habit, and morning classes were always a bit of a challenge. Good habit to be in for college, maybe.

Which reminded him: his mother was going to be bothering him about that soon, and if he didn't at least figure out a way to fake some interest in at least a few places, she'd probably throw another fit and tell him he wasn't ambitious enough, like she always did. Whatever. He considered taking a walk outside to calm his mind, but he really wasn't stressed enough to warrant the action at present, so instead he headed back to his study, grabbing a random book off the shelf and plonking himself lengthwise over a leather couch. He could hear the sounds of the staff greeting his mother downstairs; doubtless it would still be a few hours before Mr. Klein showed up.