Warren Corellen

I am hunter, born and bred to fight, these beasts have slayed my wife and daughter in return I shall slay them.

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a character in “Clan of The Demon Hunters”, as played by Chulance



Name: Warren Corellen

Age: 37

Skills: Due to the demon blood coursing through his veins he has immense inhuman strength, durability, and endurance. He can absorb energy from demons to heal his wounds, and increase his physical attributes however doing so is slowly killing him, as well as destroying his memories. Holy water can irritate his skin, and blessed weaponry however only having blood from a demon it is does not cause the extinct of pain it causes regular demons.

Fears: The end of the population at the hands of demons, although his greatest fear is betrayal.

Personality: Warren is cold and very anti-social. He does not converse with others unless it is of importance to him and his goals. He lives and breathes to end the demon race, and will do anything to save as many people as he can from them. He is very secretive not trusting anyone, and in some ways believes humans are worst then demons but believes his mission is to eliminate the greater evil. He is strongly against any form of religion believing is God is real, then he cares nothing for the human race. He has a soft spot for children, but will never vocalize it of course.While his hatred towards demons is immense he himself does not suffer from anger management while retaining a sense of ruthlessness he is able to keep his cool. He tends to ignore attempts to provoke him if they are irrelevant to his current cause or mission, and dislikes taking orders from superiors unless they further his own goals. He is a blunt individual who speaks his mind and is uncaring of others feelings or personal problems, which has led many to describe him as cruel, and judgemental.

Likes: Hunting Demons, Cooking, Classical Music, Women,

Dislikes: Demons, Liars, Politicians, Arrogance,

Goal: The kill the demon who infected him with his blood.

History: Warren Corellen was born during a time of "peace" on the earth, well more peaceful before the demons reigned supreme. He was born and raised in an average family, his father was a police officer, and his mother was a public relations agent. He himself had dreams of joining the army like his father had done. He wanted to defend his country, growing up he was often concerned with many social injustices due to being raised in a fairly religious family. Upon entering his teenage years he got involved with alcohol and drug usage, until his parents found out and straightened him out. Believing it a sign of God he only grew in his faith, and joined the Army. There he was faced with many complicated choices, many against his morality. However in the military he met and married his wife an army nurse named Amber Rose. Upon serving his two years along with his Amber, they got married, and she got a job as a nurse in a local hospital, and with his father's connections he went on to join the police. However seeing the corruption within his own police force drove him mad, however morailty was the least of his concerns when the demons attacked. The world was torn apart, and he struggled to defend his wife, and his daughter Leah. He escaped the city with them going into hiding, until a powerful demon slaughtering people for fun met up with his family. The demon revealed he felt humanity had no fighting chance which he felt unfair, so he gave Warren some of his blood to help manifest demonic abilities to counter his race. He then slaughtered Warren's family in front of him, telling him the demons would do the same to the rest of the human race unless he sought vengeance. Warren was depressed for weeks, but managed to survive dealing with the demonic infection, and began using it to murder demons effectively becoming a demon hunter. He met up with a hunter named Eli, who trained him on how to hunt demons effectively, until Eli himself was slaughtered by a demon. With everyone he knew and cared for dead, he took up Eli's supplies, and began a one man war against demons, intending to hunt them all down, and kill the demon who infected him with his blood before he himself became what he hunted.

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