Clash of the Zodiac

Clash of the Zodiac

Seraphic Academy seems like the perfect place to learn Zodiac Magic. But Zodiac holders have powerful enemies…What happens when the school becomes a target? Will the first years be able to save themselves, and possibly the school?[WIP]

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Welcome, Welcome
Child of the Sky!

It gives me great personal pleasure to inform you that you have been accepted into Seraphic Academy of Zodiac Magic. It is an honor to be accepted into our exclusive schooling system, and we eagerly await confirmation of your attendance. Please find enclosed a list of all necessary books and equipment as well as uniform requirements. Be sure to obtain the supplies designated to your particular zodiac.
Term begins on the first of September. All students will meet in the auditorium to receive scheduling and dorm assignment.
Yours sincerely,


Mira Hampton
Head Mistress


Parental Information

This is it; the moment you’ve been waiting for. Your child has been positively identified as a Zodiac holder. No doubt you’ve been anticipating this moment since the doctors first told you s/he held the gene. But perhaps you don’t know as much as you’d like before you sign your child up for schooling. We’ve included basic information about our school and it’s history, as well as some information on the Zodiacs and curriculum.

Seraphic Academy of Zodiac Magic; the school is run by headmistress Mira Hampton and deputy head master Kaine Junko, two Thrones in the order of Celestial Hierarchy. Surely you know of the Celestial Hierarchy; if not, I’m sure a glance in a history book can assist you.
We take pride in our academy’s history. Founded by the first and only great Seraph, the highest Zodiac holder, our only intention is to nurture in a safe environment. The school is dedicated to helping Zodiac holders better understand what their powers are and how to control them. We strive to prepare them to live in the real world while simultaneously introducing them to the Celestial society. We give out college recommendations, and, if the student wishes to continue schooling in the Celestial plane, many scholarship opportunities.

Zodiacs vary greatly, but our school is well accepting to all. Whether an Aries possesses the common ability of pyrokinesis, or a Gemini appears with the unique power of Duplication, we offer a highly trained and intelligent staff that will work with your child through their individually assigned schedules.
Common core classes will mingle the different Zodiacs together, but your child will be able to experience Zodiac specific classes with trained instructors. The Headmistress and Deputy Headmaster will make monthly rounds to assist in instruction and are always open to appointments for independent lessons.

If you experience any doubts, concerns or questions, please feel free to contact either Miss Hampton or Mister Junko, who will respond as soon as possible. We look forward to accepting your child and bettering them for the future.



Kaine Junko
Deputy Headmaster, Head of Admissions


As you may have guessed, this is a High School Role Play. However, it’s far from typical. Your character wont be wandering around making friends and enemies without a care in the world. Well, they will, at first. But learning and bettering their Zodiac is also important- how you engage them in the school is the dependent factor in their powers. If you decide to be ditching classes, (ie: not mentioning going to them, not sparring, etc) your characters ability level won’t increase, and higher level abilities will be prohibited.

And in the future, they will need the magic, for though this academy is a safe zone in a world of magic, nothing ever stays perfect for long…..

If you’re interested so far, please do me a favor and read all the information below. What’s above is just a peek into a fun game, while below is the stuff you need to know.I’ve even bolded the super important stuff(;

Character and World Information

Students, School, Abilities, Uniforms:

Your student will be entering the Academy as what the school defines as a first year. They will be fifteen to sixteen, which in real life is a sophomore. The academy teaches up to fourth years, which would be sophomore to college freshman. The student may know they are of the Zodiac before this age, however it’s almost entirely unheard of for abilities to start developing before their 15th birthday. Therefore, they may have just found out. In this world, when a child is born, they may have a specific gene. The gene is particular to their star sign, however, one born without the gene never develops any abilities. Only one born with the gene ever possesses Zodiac, however, its possible to have the gene and never develop any. If powers don’t begin to manifest by the 16th birthday, they will not have any.Either way, it’s never really a surprise; parents are informed on the day of birth, and it’s usually marked on a birth certificate. It’s just a waiting game.

Abilities range for each zodiac. There’s a brief description next to the open characters, but please see the listing in the separate OOC topic for more details. First years do not exhibit fine tuned skills in using their abilities, and many times don’t even know their full Zodiac potential. They are still learning and discovering. Please follow the requirements on the character sheet and discuss with the GM or drop a comment in the abilities OOC to get more powerful abilities approved. Having approval will increase their Zodiac Level, which will ‘help prepare them for a job or position in the Celestial Hierarchy’. (Which, is what they believe at first, so if they weren’t interested in that lifestyle, then they wouldn’t be pursuing extra training sessions, and wouldn’t be set on increasing their level. Don't unrealistically have your character in the gym or sparring room every spare moment.) Eventually, there will be a conflict and antagonist, so wanting to increase your level will mainly come into play later in the Role Play.

School Uniforms
I realized I mentioned this, and was asked, so here's information: Uniforms at the school look something like so: FEMALE and MALE.
The girls uniform has a click through slideshow that should give you a pretty good idea. I'm aware that the male picture isn't the best; It's essentially the same as the girls, in masculine form. Males also have the sweater for winter uniforms. All shirts also come in short-sleeved forms during warm seasons. Females may wear uniform slacks instead of skirts if they so wish.
* The tie and bow are part of the uniform and must be worn at all times; they are red for underclassmen, blue for upperclassmen.
* Students may wear any pair of closed shoes of their choice, except for slippers, and sandals. For heels, it must only be one to two inches high.
* Students can have any kind and color of hairstyle.
* Watches and accessories are allowed, though students are discouraged from wearing excessive amount of accessories and expensive jewelry.
* Students must wear their uniform properly at all times, or may be given a Misconduct card. Three Misconduct cards equal a detention.
* Students may change into their casual wear once all their classes are over, and are encouraged to dress casually on weekends.
*Jackets, scarves or other similar clothing may be worn over the uniform.

Its only possible for your character to acquire a misconduct card if you the player mention something off about the uniform. Otherwise it's implied they're wearing it properly. Please ask if you have questions or require more details. (;


This will start out as a typical high school role play. The 12 main characters will be introduced to the school (with ‘more first years’) and assigned dorm mates and schedules. They will all share a common class to help give your characters a chance to interact. Other classes will be determined based on a characters particular zodiac/abilities. Since there’s only one of each zodiac in our pool of main characters, if your character has a very unique or strange ability, they may be assigned a class with Kain Junko, or Mara Hampton, and NPC’s.

After everyone’s kind of said hello and gotten comfortable with his or her powers, ie we time skip a bit so everyone’s kind of got a basic education but aren’t quite badasses yet, I’ll introduce the antagonist. The antagonist will be an anti-Zodiac/anti-magic/'human' rights group. We can talk about names, but then again, their pretty secret, so maybe just Anti Zodiac would work. They'll have one main leader who will be interacting and infiltrating the school, twisting the students minds. Their ultimate goal would be to take down/attack the Celestial Hierarchy, (Which I'll make a topic for in the OOC to explain.) They're bad, but not just the common enemy to add fun. They're real bad. Nobody's safe,and they'll have means of removing the Zodiac gene and such.

I won’t necessarily be playing the leader, or even members (If we need them); if anyone else is interested, PM me. I just want it to be very hush hush and secret. A few of our main characters will be picked out to secretly work for the antagonist. Blackmail will ensue, hostages, true personalities and pasts will be revealed; new characters may be introduced from previous NPC’s. Friendships will be tested, no one will know what’s coming, and hopefully, who betrays who will surprise even me.

If you'd like to change anything about your character, like gender, let me know; but there needs to be an equal amount of males and females. Also, feel free to be creative with powers. Do what you want, but somehow relate it back to their personality. You may look up the personalities as described by Zodiacs on your own, since I'm sure sources vary somewhat, and I just put some examples. I looked here.


(TAKEN by RjWaltz | Kaze Naiya )

(TAKEN by DeathWithin | Jet Stratsfire)

(TAKEN By QueenJen | Xavier Onodera)

(TAKEN by aarondalea | Darren Felix Boreaux)

(RESERVED | Passionate, Mysterious, Faithful)

(TAKEN by Beach-Born-Boy | Braig Dougherty


(TAKEN by dreammuffin | Ivanna Cain)

(TAKEN by Luna Delta | Lily Fox)

(TAKEN by echo-of-dayberak | Leah Edwards)

(TAKEN by Seirei| Anthesteria 'Anna' Maniatis )

(TAKEN by TheHuntress | Destiny Locke)

(TAKEN by KOKIA | Clarisse Becotte)

If you’ve read all of this so far, great. You’re amazing, I love you, what are you waiting for? Read the rules, grab a character form and join? :D <3
PS, I'm sorry if my grammar and set up for all of this sucks. It's literally 1am and I just decided to make this and some characters and yup. (:

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[center][img]CHARACTER NAME. (Use please) [/img]

[img]IMAGE (Anime Only) [/img]


[font=avenir light][b]Name: [/b]

[b]Nickname: [/b]

[b]Age: [/b] (15-16)





[b]Oddities:[/b] [Add quick fun facts about appearance, or facts in general. Could replace this with appearance if you wish to write out their looks. OPTIONAL]

[b]Zodiac Abilities:[/b]
[b][color=CHOOSE COLOR]– ABILITY - [/color][/b]
Make this ability something they recently discovered, or something they might during the first few classes. Don’t have to write that its weak, but it isn’t up to full strength yet.

[color=SAME COLOR][b]-SECOND ABILITY - [/b][/color]
May be declined depending on how powerful the first may become, but as long as it’s weak to start out, should be fine (:

[b]Main Zodiac Power:[/b] [color=SAME COLOR] [POWERNAME] [/color] | DESCRIPTION. This is the main power they’ll be working towards. Is locked until characters zodiac level reaches 6-7 but feel free to fill out for approval

[b]Zodiac Level:[/b] [Will start at 1,if already know ability. If they don’t, its zero. Don’t panic, it’ll rise quickly I promise.]



[b]Romantic Interest:[/b]

[b]Allies/Friends:[/b] (Can fill out later or can guess characters that yours may trust.)

[b]Enemies:[/b] (Follows same rules as Allies)


[img]IMAGE OR GIF[/img]


[b]Personality:[/b] [DETAILS DETAILS DETAILS <3 Make sure to match your zodiac personality in some way!]

[img]IMAGE OR GIF [/img]


+[Three at least

-[Three at least]

x  [Three at least] x
x  x
x  x

o [Three at Least] o
o o
o o
o o

= [At least three] =
=  =
=  =


[img]OPTIONAL IMAGE [/img]


[b]Bio:[/b] [Again, details! Though if you think you might want to be chosen as part of the antagonists ‘contacts’ or are ‘mysterious’, you can be sketchy. (; )

[Other facts about personality or background? Optional]

[Optional, do with as much or as little detail if you want]




[b]Character Thoughts On Others:
Capricorn - TBA
Aquarius - TBA
Pisces - TBA
Taurus - TBA
Gemini - TBA
Cancer – TBA   [I’m gonna leave these all as To be answered for ya(; )
Leo - TBA
Virgo - TBA
Libra - TBA
Scorpio - TBA
Sagittarius - TBA


[b]Theme Song:[/b]



Toggle Rules

- Interact in the OOC as often as possible. You get to help drive develop the overall plot and your suggestions are always welcome. Planning is done in the OOC.
- Be active. Personal life is a very real thing, I know. But if you'll be gone for awhile, just let me know. PM me, say in the OOC. Don't just vanish.
- Posting;
=Once or twice a week.Don't speed post under any cirsumstance. Give others a chance to respond. There should be a 3-4 posts between your own.
=There's no word minimum, but 2-3 paragraphs at the least would be lovely.
= This is a literate RP; please use proper grammar and spelling. Mistakes happen, I make them all the time, but try your best.
- During fights, don't auto attack. If your character hits another, you have to wait for them to respond. The punch doesn't land or miss until the other responds.
- On the same note, your character isn't all powerful. They're human and do get injured.
- No Mary or Gary Sues. Be original and unique, with personalities and powers.
- Make sure your power links to your Zodiac somehow.

- I promise I'm friendly, so the most important rule is to be my new best friend and let me, as your new best friend, know which character you want and then I, as your new best friend, will give you 2-3 days to get what needs to be did did, and then, if you need more time, you will let your new best friend know and I will give you some time, and the one thing that you need to add thats not on the character sheet is that "Jen is your Best Friend," just so I know you read the rules (;

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The front courtyard was busy with crowds of girls and boys, running about with duffel bags, suitcases, and backpacks. It was the start of the year; returning students were eager to reunite with friends under the warm sun, and first years wanted to make good impressions with their new class. None were clad in uniforms yet- colors and fabrics swirled as excited girls squealed and clasped each other, and at least one or two boys flipped colored hair as they exchanged high-fives.
Despite the commotion outside, the students were making good time into the school. Seraphic Academy of Zodiac Magic was a large piece of land, located 20 miles from the middle of nowhere. The building itself was all red brick and large windows, with a double staircase leading up to the main entrance. Between the grand stairs was an open gate, leading into the inner patio. Though this was also a means of getting into the school, (directly accessing the classrooms,) older students stood at the foot of the stairs, ushering the kids up them and discouraging entrance to the patio.
Once inside, the students found themselves in the entrance hall, or commons. It’s all high ceilings and benches, and could be fairly comfortable for students to hang out in if they so wish. The main offices were directly to the right of the main doors; straight ahead was the auditorium. The auditorium was one of the biggest rooms in the school, nearly matching the gym. The seats aren’t permanent; rather, they’re long benches, almost akin to pews, that were currently being filled with students. Most held their bags with them, though some upperclassmen deposited them in the corner, knowing they would be safe.

All of this, Mira Hampton watched with a keen eye from her seat on the auditoriums stage. She didn’t need to be present in any of these locations to supervise clearly; her Zodiac gifted her with sight. Through her parasight power, it was easy to switch between any of her upperclassmen’s eyes. Of course, they had given their permission. Being prefects of sort, they were her primary means of keeping an eye on everything at the academy- literally.

Mira, the headmistress, gave everyone time to make their way to the auditorium and settle down before standing. She was glad everyone was getting along- the school had never had to much drama or physical altercations, and she hoped to keep it that way. Still, as much as she loved to see the socializing, they all needed to quiet down.
She stepped up to the microphone, tapping on it to get everyone’s attention. Luckily, they all quieted.

“Good morning,” She began, smiling kindly as her voice rang throughout the room. “I’d like to say a few words before we officially begin the school year. Foremost, welcome back to our returning students-“
Mira was forced to break off as a few boys began ‘whooping,’ chanting something about the fourth years. Others joined in until there was a full out round of applause for the upperclassmen. She rolled her eyes, but waved down their noise good-naturedly until they stopped.
“Yes, we do have a bit of enthusiastic upperclassmen, and I’m just as glad to see all of your smiling faces here as the rest of you. But, we can’t forget to welcome our first years, our fresh Zodiacs, here to learn and prosper- let’s show them a kind hello!”

As the thundering applause took over, Mira joined this time. The older kids had always been accepting of the first years. There was absolutely no hazing permitted on her school grounds, and rivalry between years was prohibited with the exception of sports. Still, it always amazed her how the fourth and third years could welcome the younger kids with open arms. When she had been young, there was always a senior superiority complex at her Zodiac school- not having that had been a goal and she was glad to have accomplished it.

When the applause verged on a full minute, Mira waved her hands to quiet everyone down.

“Thank you everyone, and thank you first years for taking the first step the better understanding your Zodiac. This school is dedicated to helping you as an individual, rather than as a member of your class- never forget that you are special, and you deserve individual attention! You have a real opportunity to join in here, and be a part of something great. Of course, dedication to studies is expected, but joining sports, clubs, or electives is encouraged! Here, you will gain the confidence to be risk takers and face the challenges of modern living, whether you aim for the Earth Plane or the Celestial Hierarchy….”

Mira continued with her short beginning of year speech- these portions never varied much from year to year. Encouraging the new students to get involved, and the old students who weren’t already to give it a shot. It only took a few minutes or so to make her points, and then she moved along to what everyone was really curious about.

“As is customary to my beginning of year speeches, I’ll be taking the time to introduce our new and noteworthy teachers this year. This isn’t nearly all of our staff- a few are loitering around by all of you, and some are still preparing for tomorrow. However, I’ll still be doing what introductions I can for the new staff.” She gestured the male sitting to her left, who stood. His frame was slim and his face pronounced; shaggy blonde hair fell unkemptly over the glasses perched on his nose. He looked either uninterested, or about to pass out.

“You all probably know Deputy Head Junko-“ Some girls in the audience broke into shrill yells of adoration, half jokingly, and Kaine Junko’s expression immediately changed, lighting up as he bowed and laughed, before sitting again. Mira calmed the girls down, wishing he wouldn’t encourage their admiration.

“Next, we have a new Nurse- Madame Humingbird, who I expect you to welcome with open arms. Heaven knows you kids spend enough time in the infirmary, so be sure to say hello when you end up there.”

The headmistress ran through the few others sitting on stage, then added on a side note that a science teacher was off on a research trip currently and would return the end of the week.

“Finally, I would like you all to pay attention please, and then I’ll get out of your hair. Boundaries this year have contracted slightly. The swimming hole out in the forest is now about the end of the grounds. Of course, the shields are up, so don’t expect to be able to pass the area anyway, but now you can avoid unpleasant surprises. If you need to travel off campus, please seek approval in the front office. Aside from college and business trips, fieldwork will be limited this semester. If caught loitering on the boarders or trying to break them, severe punishment will ensue.
“Lastly, be sure to stop by the designated tables in the commons for room and schedule arrangements. There are signs over the tables and prefects will be willing to direct you to dorms, so do try not to cause too much chaos. Belongings have been predelivered to your rooms, but don’t forget any carry-ons you brought into this assembly. Core classes start tomorrow; electives and extra power classes must be registered for by the end of next week. Dress code is in effect on weekdays as of tomorrow.”
Mira paused, glancing over the student body. The assembly hadn’t taken more than 30 minutes, so none were fidgeting and most had paid attention. Good. She sighed, hoping she hadn’t forgotten anything.

“I do believe that’s all- I hope you take advantage of today to take a look around the school rather than spend hours decorating. Please listen for announcements. With that, I bid you all a good year! Hopefully I’ll be seeing some of you in my classes!”

With that, the students were dismissed to go find out their dorm rooms and schedules, and Mira sat back down with a sigh. She hoped this year would be uneventful, despite the recent problems popping up on the Earth Plane. Hopefully, here would be safe.

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#, as written by RjWaltz

Kaze sat patiently, witnessing the speech from his bench. His legs were crossed, and twitching with anticipation. His eyes trained on the attractive woman who would be the school's headmistress. An ice cream treat dangled slightly from his mouth as he licked at it. As she finished, he clapped, sticking a folded piece of paper under his arm to do so. On the piece of paper, Kaze had already gathered his dorm room information, schedule, and a detailed map of the campus. While others clamored about, trying to get their info, he sat in silence, happily enjoying the rest of his ice cream. It happened to be vanilla flavored, so if he dripped, it wouldn't leave a mark on his white dress shirt. He ran a hand through his purple and blue hair as he studied the map, jostling the ice cream stick around in his mouth. Optimistically, he glanced around the room, seeing that it had emptied significantly, mostly the upperclassmen. He caught the attention of a group of girls, who seemed to be whispering and giggling to themselves. He smiled as warmly as possible.
Well, hopefully they are friendly, he thought to himself.

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He was waiting, but for what he wasn't exactly sure. His mind had been cloudy lately at best. He would dream of his mother often, and intermingled with her bright vibrant, almost screaming, memories were muddled black and white memories, or if they were actually memories, Raphael wasn't entirely sure. He would see people that he has never seen before, in places that he had never been. They wouldn't be detailed, they would be small flashes, dark, gray, and with no real purpose other than to pester his mind with a constant barrage of information.

Raph was pondering this while enjoying a final drag off of a cigarette, far away from the throng of students entering the Seraphic Academy. Smoking on school grounds wasn't something that Raph even bothered to look up whether or not it was permitted, mostly because he didn't care. Whether or not it was permitted, Raph was going to find a way to do it.

Raph put his cigarette out, crushing the remains under his shoe and proceeding to the entrance, which had already cleared out of students, only a few upperclassmen acting as ushers were still standing in the halls. Regarding them with a cold, nonplussed look, Raph walked directly passed them and into the auditorium.

He was late, as he always was. He found a seat towards the back easily enough and plopped down next to an upperclassman that looked to be a football player by his build, and Raph put his feet up on the back of the pew in front of him and leaned back, not afraid to make himself comfortable next to the larger framed classmate. He had entered just as Deputy Headmaster Junko was being introduced, and Raph heard girls swooning, so he pulled his glare from his neighbor and analyzed the lanky man standing before the students. He wasn't entirely impressed by the teacher that had the girls so smitten.

But, now Raphael's gaze tightened and like flicking a switch he went from his uncaring and smug self to one of intense inward thought, and analytic inquisition. He had seen that man before, only...not through his own eyes. And not through his mother's either. His face was black and white in his mind, and not he could see that this man, Deputy Headmaster Junko, had been standing with other people, and decided where he would be rooming, and with whom. He saw another boy, younger than himself, with a happy look on his face.

The future? Was that what I saw... This is going to be one long year.

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The cab pulled up next to the curb just outside the front gates of the academy. The pavement and courtyard beyond the gate was swarming with excited students ready to start the next year of learning. Leah surveyed the happy faces through the glass of the cab window. The ecstatic smiles and floods of laughter gave her a good first impression. The people looked friendly, maybe moving away from home to join the academy wasn't such a bad thing. Leah had been terrified when her parents had first told her she would be leaving, she had never lived away from her family before.

A month earlier
The post had come in the morning like it always did and her mother had collected the entire selection from the mat and brought it with her to the breakfast table. Her father had been drinking his coffee as her mother passed him the morning paper and he flicked it open to see the headlines. Leah had been spooning cereal into her mouth trying hard not to bring any attention to herself. She had done badly in her last school test, if you could call a B grade badly, and her parents hadn't been able to stop talking about it since. her elder brother Nathan had loved that. He had been rubbing his A* grades in her face all week and constantly reminding her about how he was waiting to hear back from Oxford. A tap on her shoulder started Leah out of her thoughts and she quickly slipped her headphones off her ears and paused the music on her ipod. The buzzing sounds instantly came flooding back and Leah had to try hard not to wince. It felt like there was a hive of bees in her head.
"Your mother is speaking to you young lady."
Her father's tone was slight raised to extenuate his annoyance at her rudeness.
"I'm sorry" Leah apologized quickly "What's the matter mum?"
Her mother was staring at a letter in her hand. Leah could see it had her name on it so her mum had been opening her post again. Leah repressed a sigh.
"Darling, I'm so proud of you."
What the hell was in that letter? Her mum never called her darling.
"You've been offered a place at the Seraphic Academy of Zodiac Magic. Of course you're going to accept. We'll sign the forms right away and send them off this afternoon. I always knew you were special. My only daughter couldn't be a failure all her life."
Her father beamed across the table at her.
"Brilliant news Leah, now tell us, how long have you been hiding your abilities? What are they? No need to be coy now, the game's up."
Powers? Leah's head was killing her and the death glare from Nathan combined with the sickly sweet smiles of her parents weren't helping. The sounds were just getting louder.
"I don't know."
She managed to get the words out through the confusion in her brain. Her parent's faces instantly fell.
"It's a mistake" Nathan sneered at her "You're not special, they just got the wrong address."
"Even so, she's going."
Her mother's prompt, clipped tone indicated the matter was settled, Leah was moving out.

Present day
Leah opened the door of the cab and stepped out onto the pavement. The driver handed her the pull along suitcase that held all her worldly belongings before driving away leaving Leah confused as to what to do. A tall girl with red hair saw her distress and came to help. She walked with Leah through the throng of people chattering away, not caring that Leah was wearing headphones and couldn't hear her. The massive amount of people was starting to make Leah uncomfortable. She had enough trouble just being around one or two people. It hadn't always been like this a few moths earlier she had been just a normal girl with loads of friends but recently the buzzing had started and she had just tried to be on her own, her head hurt less that way. The red haired girl pointed at a group of bags and cases so Leah left hers there and followed the girl into a giant hall where students were sitting on benches ready for the welcoming speech. The red haired girl sat and patted the bench next to her then gestured to Leah to take off her headphones. Slowly Leah slid her headphones off her ears and the second she did the buzzing started.
She could hardly concentrate through the ceremony and just wished it would finish. After the headmistress dismissed them Leah shoved her headphones back on and headed for the door intending to get her schedule and hide away in her room soon as possible.

The woman at the desk was pleasant enough but Leah just wanted her to give her the dorm room so she could run.
"I'm sorry, I don't really need to hear this do I?"
The woman looked a little shocked at Leah's brusque tone.
"Can I just have my schedule and dorm room please? Leah Edwards."
The woman shuffled through some papers and handed them to Leah who grabbed the handle of her bag, replaced her headphones like lightning and pushed through the thickening crowd to find her room.

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#, as written by Seirei
Seated at the very back, uncomfortably close to someone smelling of tobacco, Anna left the auditorium the instant the last word fell from the headmistress’ lips. Ahead of the crowd, she passed through the hall into the fresh air outside. Anna wasn’t the only one to make a swift escape – a brown-haired girl practically ran past her, looking almost nauseated. Anna followed her down the stairs, mostly to avoid the oncoming flood of students.

In the academy’s courtyard, Anna stood aside for a while, observing. Most of the students hung around, but a large mass had detached themselves to head towards the dorms. Anna deigned the crowd precisely 0.77 seconds of her attention before turning the other way – in part because ugh, people, in part because the downwind breeze carried an intriguing scent of forest. Exploration was her foremost priority whenever she moved someplace new, and anywhere was a good place to start.

As Anna followed a path around the main school building, her mood brightened. The sun, fresh air, and something to do. Anthesteria Maniatis thought of herself as a girl of simple needs, and she had certainly lived in worse places, ceremonial speeches notwithstanding. Her current path would lend itself well to morning runs, and she was sure a school of Seraphic’s renown would have a proper track field and pool somewhere. If there was anything that bothered her, it was the boundaries, the shield she thought she could see shimmering in the distance. A cage by any other word feels just as constricting.

Anna pulled a face as she remembered how her parents had forcibly sent her here. It’s not like she had particularly not wanted to enroll, but the idea of a Zodiac school remained a bit absurd. Some abilities had to be worthless – case in point, her own. Anna concentrated for a second, and as inexplicably intuitive as moving an arm, summoned a pair of goldfish, one white, one black. The constructs simply floated in the air, staring at her. Anna stared back expectantly, but any intellect in those dull eyes was her own, reflected. Exactly what merit could spawning these ever have? Her parents hadn’t even allowed her to fry them. And yet, just for being born into a body lucky enough to manifest this useless ability, she was eligible to attend this place, and maybe graduate and enter the Celestial Hierarchy. Even if she dropped out, having attended Seraphic Academy would look great on a future resume.

“Oh well,” Anna shrugged, continuing her path. At the end of the day, she wasn’t one to complain about a broken system that worked in her favor.

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Darren sat in his assigned chair, his back rigid straight and his hands placed neatly on his lap. Underneath his hands was a pamphlet, a piece of paper and his bag, the only things he had retrieved from his suitcase when he had arrived at the school. His luggage was safely tucked under his bed back in the dorm room he had already visited, faster and earlier than nearly all the students that now surrounded him in the large auditorium. There was a din of excitement and anticipation that surged throughout the crowd, though the Headmistress was able to silence them when needs be- but it was still rather loud. Especially since Darren sat beside a group of giggling girls, their eyes roaming the crowds around them- stopping on a few- as if predators searching for a new piece of meat. But their giggles suddenly stopped the moment they saw Darren as he squirmed uncomfortably under their gaze, trying to hide his left cheek with his shaggy, long hair. It didn’t work. Immediately, the giggles turned into whispers as the girls constantly glanced at him, looks of amusement on their faces as they regarded Darren as if he were nothing but a dead butterfly they had found in a playground. He sighed as he returned his focus to the headmistress, trying to force on a nonchalant look on his face. People are the same everywhere they are, huh. Darren thought dully as he stared lifelessly at the podium. Ever since other students had started to fill in the school, Darren had been pointed at, whispered at, and actually called out due to the large scar that covered nearly half of his face. But Darren was used to it; the reactions here were no different from those at home.

But at least this place seems better than it was back home. Contrary to most of the students that sat in the large auditorium, Darren had personally signed up to enter the academy. When his powers had awakened, when he had received the acceptance letter, Darren worked in enough part-time jobs so he could travel and land himself a seat in Seraphic Academy of Zodiac Magic. He had craved to escape the clutches of his clinically depressed mother and his heroin addicted sister- and he had jumped the first train he could get onto. I hope they’ll be fine… It was obvious that the two would not be fine. Darren had been the one doing the chores for the past few years; he had been the one working while studying, at least trying to make sure that the bills were paid. But it hadn’t meant anything to his mother and sister. When he had left the house, telling them the reason for his leave only when he had already stepped out of the small dingy house that they lived in, his mother and sister had shot him eyes of utter hatred- and the door had been slammed in his face. I don’t think I’ll be going home for holidays. Darren sighed as the Headmistress finally finished her speech and the students that sat in the rows were finally free to go.

Contrary to the beckoning of the headmistress, many of the students stood up and immediately turned around to talk to the other students that now surrounded them. New year, new students- I suppose this means new friends. Darren turned to his right, opposite to the direction the gaggle of girls from earlier, and looked at a new student- a girl- whom sat right beside him. A taken aback look flashed on Darren’s face, as he had not sensed the girl throughout the opening ceremony. It was almost as if she were a surprise gift- but the look on her face said otherwise. It’s too late. I’ve already turned- might as well say hi. We’re going to have classes with one another anyways, right? Darren coughed once before putting on a beaming smile, looking at the girl as he raised his hand to shake hers. “It’s nice to meet you! My name is Darren Boreaux, a Leo Zodiac…you are?” Keeping his smile in place, Darren surveyed the girl’s expression and made sure to not move. She looks like a ticking bomb. Darren did not want to set a fuse off on the first day, even if he did control fire and explosions.

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