Derbyshire, Georgian EnglandNatalia Snowdrift

The middle child of a middle-class family, Natalia is not a conventional young lady.

a character in “Classic Creatures”, as played by angelwolfchild

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Name: Natalia Snowdrift
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Species: Mortal
Appearance: Image
Described Appearance: She is quite tall with a slender physique. She has long blonde hair, pale skin and bright green eyes.
Status: Single
Preference: Both
Personality: Natalia is a gentle and elegant young lady with a kind nature. She has a good sense of humour and wit and a strong sense of morality. She is very strong willed, sometimes surprising people by the sharpness of her comments.
History: Natalia is the middle child of the Snowdrift family, with an older sister and a younger brother. Unlike her siblings, she does not care about getting married or getting a fortune. Her object is to provide a decent lifestyle for the unmentionables because she feels sorry for them. Her best friend, Frederick, is an intelligent unmentionable and she does all she can to help him get his dream of being a clergymen. She is incredibly talented at witchcraft, singing, playing the piano and writing. If it weren't for her strong willed personality, she would be the perfect young lady. She is searching for true love and will not marry for anything less than that.

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Natalia Snowdrift's Story