The Meat an Greet TavernAri Lupen Sonrir

shape shifter/elf girl who tends to get into trouble and always has a wolf by her side

a character in “Cliche' Fantasy Adventure Ho!”, as played by nibblesnbits

Factions, Families, Clans, and Empires


Ari has blonde hair that falls to her waist with no curls. Her eye color changes depending on her mood:
green-excited, pumped
gold- angry or in love or changing
blue- sad or depressed
She has a hot body and is skinny and tall with the perfect shape and long legs. Ari has high cheek bones and soft full lips with the big eyes that look innocent. She has slightly pointed ears from her father who was an elf. She can turn part wolf, her ears moving to the top of her head and becoming white wolf ears, and a tail that brushes her ankles and is also white-her eyes normally turn gold at this too


Ari is very sweet and innocent, being only seventeen, and is very naïve to the going on’s in the world. She’s very flirtatious and likes to play and tries to make everybody around her smile. Sometimes she is very shy and other time bold and outgoing. She tends to get herself in trouble a lot and puts herself in dangerous situations without seeing it. She’s fun loving and outgoing and likes boys who flirt but don’t get to serious.
Then when she’s not happy, stay out of her way. Ari challenges everything and everybody in her way and refuses to take orders from anyone. She becomes a handful but she rarely loses her temper.


Ari is special. She can talk to animals and summon them to do her bidding if in danger. Normally she travels with a black/grey wolf named SUMOR and though he looks small and innocent, SUMOR is willing to die for Ari. He can grow as big as a horse if needed and is normally only that big when Ari needs a ride or is in another danger zone. She prefers the bow and arrow but is ok with a sword and even better at working with a dagger. She can undo almost any knot thrown at her so don’t even try to tie her up! She also has some magical capabilities though she needs help working on them {any sorcerers out there?! ;)}.


Ari is normally from the woods, her mother a shape shifter and her father and elf. Her mother was hunted by humans for her pelt, the humans not knowing what her mother was until she was dead. Her father is a noble in the elf courts and she never sees him. She found SUMOR when she was being hunted by the king’s men for suspected murder of the youngest prince. She was trapped against a tree, pleading for her life when he leaped out with his pack and saved her life. Little does she know but SUMOR was the puppy she had saved from her father’s wolf-hybrid. They are companions and know each other so well that Ari can speak his language. She's wandering the land on her quest to serve the people and prove her innocence to the king (still hunting her). An outcast she’s lonely and looking for a fellow person or people to help her save herself and then be able to journey with them.
Her dream is to become an assassin somehow or join the Calvary and she’s willing to do anything to get there!

So begins...

Ari Lupen Sonrir's Story