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Hot male Bartender

a character in “Club Envy”, as played by KidFurturistic

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Name: Craig Tyler

Age: 20



Job in Club : Bartender


Personality: Tyler is a charismatic flirt who can be very charming that is what makes him so good at his job. The women at the bar fall all over him when he speaks to them and shows them his smile.He loves to be sarcastic which gets him in a little trouble. Sometimes people can't tell if he is being sarcastic or not but if he is really know by the person then they will know. He is kind to just about anybody who isn't an ass but can have a bit of a temper. He is ultimately a nice guy who only plays with the emotions of customers not someone he can potentially have a good thing going with. He is a very suave guy who is funny and loving. That's why many people like to be around him.

Likes: Music, Flirting with women, Making out with beautiful women, Making people laugh, Partying, and Playing the guitar

Dislikes: Rude people, Clingy women, annoying people, stupidness, and people who try to hard

Hobbies: Playing Guitar and Working


Iphone 4
2010 chevy Camaro black
Breath mints


Bio : Craig is the grandson of a billionaire which means that having to work was never anything he had to worry about. But what he found out when his grandfather died last year was that he couldn't get his share of the money until he turned 22. So since he loved partying and hot girls being a bartender was one of the perfect jobs he could have ever got. Making the drinks are fun and the tips are great so he is having a great time. His co-workers are awesome and he really gets along with them. He is single and loves to drive his car around getting to great speeds. He uses his money to pay his rent and buy things that he needs at least until his money kicks in.

Crush : Elena but not even he knows that yet

Enemies : TBD

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Craig Tyler's Story