Area 11Neko Akamasu

I will not stand to be oppressed.

a character in “Code Geass: Rebellion”, as played by Everscale

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Name: Neko Akamasu
Age: 18
Terrorist, posing as a bartender (she figures bars are good places to get information)
Years at the School: 4, fresh graduate
Goal: Her focus is to destroy Britannia, so that her family can return to a normal life.
Weaknesses: She can not do anything which will result in the pain or death of an ally. She is viciously protective, and would give her life for any innocent, or any fellow rebel. And, just because it's true, chocolate.
Skills: She is a high-class martial artist.
Weapons: Knightmare? May I?
History: Her history is simple. She graduated from a low-level high-school. Her family is full-blooded "Eleven", though she would never call herself that, and as soon as she graduated she joined the rebellion because she wants her siblings to be able to attend a higher-level school than she did.
Other: two little sisters, Midori and Tsuki, and a baby brother, Masaru


She is bold, passionate, and protective, and to enemies she is merciless. But she is friendly to anyone who does not try to kill her, or her friends, and often gives a little too much of herself. She is willing to die for anyone.


She carries a gun, ammunition, and a knife at all times, but her best weapon is her Knightmare.


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