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One prophecy, two peoples, a million questions. Can a world of brutality really mesh with one of peace?

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From the place where the sun rises, there will come to the People a great warrior who will stand tall above his brothers and see far into the great beyond with eyes like the midnight sky. This Comanche shall carry the sign of the wolf upon his shield, yet none shall call him chief. To his people shall come much sadness, and the rivers will run red with the blood of his nation. Mountains of white bones will mark where the mighty buffalo once grazed. In the sky, black smoke will carry away the death cries of helpless women and children. He will make big talk against the White-Eyes and the fierce war, but the battles shall stretch before him with no horizon.
When his hatred for the White-Eyes is hot like the summer sun and cold like the winter snow, there will come to him a gentle maiden from tosi tivo land. Though her voice will have been silenced by great sorrow, her eyes shall speak into his of a morning with new beginnings. She will be golden like the new day, with skin as white as the night moon, hair like rippling honey, and eyes like the summer sky and fertile earth. The people will call her the little wise one.
The Comanche will raise his blade to slay her, but honor will stay his hand. She will divide his Comanche heart, so his hate that burns hot like the sun will make war with his hate that is cold like the winter snow, and the hate shall melt and flow out of him to some faraway place he cannot find. Just as the dawn streaks the night sky, he will chase the shadows from her heart and return her voice to her.
When this is done, the warrior and his maiden shall walk together to a high place on the night of the Comanche moon. He will stand on the land of the Comanche, she on the land of the tosi tivo. Between them will be a great canyon that runs high with blood. The warrior will reach across the canyon to his maiden and she will take his hand. Together they will travel a great distance into the west lands, where they will give birth to a new tomorrow and a new nation where the Comanche and the tosi tivo will live as one forever.

The Comanche are a proud people. They see the world differently than the White Settlers, or Tosi Tivo. Wars have broken out among the two people, bringing with it, death and destruction. Families have been torn apart, and farms have been destroyed. It's not hard to see where the hatred stays, but where it came from, no one is sure. The differences between the two is the main reason blamed, so much so that no one bothers to come up with another reason.

When a half-breed Comanche warrior faces the blue and brown eyes of a mute woman, the mute woman of his future, according to the prophecy, he knows what he must do to bring peace. Little does he know that it will bring about both peace and mayhem. Wars go on around them. The two fight, and bring others into the mix. The two eventually find that maybe the prophecy is true... Maybe, and maybe the others can find the same kind of off feelings if they work at it.

Fill out the character sheet. It's all pretty self-explanatory. The warrior and the maiden are both taken, but we could use more Comanches, settlers, and even some of the Mexicans (Comancheroes.)

Obviously, the name of your character.

A physical description with the age. If you want to put a picture in, please do, but make it realistic. Thank you. Also, what group they are in, Comanches, Comancheroes, Settlers.

How the person acts. How they feel about the other group.

Does the character carry any weapons? Do they have any supplies, if they travel?

The character's past. Why does he or she feel the way he or she does about the other group?


The GM of this roleplay hasn't created any rules! You can do whatever you like!

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