Ryan Carr

Average teenager that can become an unstoppable titan with just a press of a button!

109 views · located in 2021, USA

a character in “Combat online”, as played by True Grave


Skater brown hair, blue eyes, good looks, average height and weight, slightly muscular, good-looking. As X, steel grey skin and a hairstyle resembling a jarhead style with black hair.


As Ryan, charming, kind, heroic, sweet, and brave. As X, emotionless and deadpan.


Ryan carries only the Titan wristwatch.


Ryan Carr lost his parents to a tragic auto accident when he was five. He was taken in by his grandfather, the famous inventor, Orson Carr. Ryan would get into fights, but emerged as a responsible teenager after anger management and grief counseling. Ryan is the keeper of the Titan Wristwatch, his grandfather's greatest invention. Ryan has used it to fight crime in the past. Now, he will test it out in "Combat: Online".

So begins...

Ryan Carr's Story