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Only the strong survive in a world of heartbreak and lies.

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Name: Kawarinaku Wasuremono.
Nobody calls him that. For one, Eimin will never reveil his true name, as it will give anybody who knows it complete control over him (FYI Kawarinaku Wasuremono is only a large portion of his full name). It means 'eternally forgotten', while his nickname is edited to mean 'eternal sleep'.


Faerie years: 17/18ish

Unseelie Faerie/Fey/Fair Folk. Banished. Doesn't want to talk about it.

What can you do:
Abilities- Well... he can fly. Duh. But Eimin generally doesn't use his wings. As a one of the Fair Folk, Eimin is very graceful and fast. That, and having super-sensory skills makes Eimin a tough cookie. Also, he always lands on his feet.
Powers- Eimin also has a talent for manipulating others. However, the closer he grows to a person the harder it is for him to manipulate them, but when he does it's harder for you to resist. Also, being an Unseelie prince, Eimin's powers are quite a few notches higher than your average faerie's. That also means when Eimin walks into a room, it gets a few degrees colder. On top of that, he manipulates ice and shadows in masterful and creative ways. As a faerie, Eimin can manipulate the appearances of himself and other objects to large extents using glamour, but he rarely uses this gift.

Physical Appearance:
Eimin is tall, and instead of bulky his muscles tend to lean and wiry. Generally Eimin's wings aren't exposed, but if he uses too much of his power the wings will come out on their own. Despite the picture, Eimin generally will wear his shirt. This faerie wears mostly elegant black clothing with grey/red/gold accessories. It's rare to find him with his hair loose and that will mean a) He's drunk b) You caught him in or just out of water (taking a shower/swimming) c) Eimin's flying, fighting, or something similar. As a fey, Eimin's body won't scar and as a result his hands and skin look very pampered while the reality it's just the opposite, despite being a prince.

Which side:

- flying
- chocolate <--- fav food
- sleeping (he isn't called 'Eimin' for nothing)
- words. Eimin loves words, their meanings, and especially loves the meaning of people's names
- fighting

- showing displays of emotion
- loud people
- loud noises
- people waking him up
- people touching him
- talking about pasts

- being rejected. Eimin himself doesn't know this one yet, though
- falling in love, again
- creepy people. Eimin can't stand them creepy people. He'll die before admitting it.

Treasured Item:
The red ribbon Eimin wears in his hair. It belonged to his lost love.

Weapon Of Choice:
Eimin used to use a plain ol' longsword, but after he was banished it transformed into a naginata. A naginata infused with Let's just say his fighting skill have increased dramatically. Fight him, and prepare to get your ass whooped. However, it is very difficult to get Eimin to fight you with the intent to win, or hurt you. Eimin pretends to be weaker than he actually is.

Your View:
Eimin views her Majesty's plans with contempt. He desires no human familiar and has plans to kill the criminals. Actually going through with them, however, depends on the circumstance and Eimin's mood.

Theme Song:
Linkin Park - Iridescent

Once upon a time, Eimin was a prince of the Unseelie court. However, he fell in love with a Seelie lady and that was a no-no. Oh and did I mention the lady is a princess? Well, they made plans to run away to the human world, despite the fact that all the iron and technology would slowly kill them. After all, they would have each other. In fact, Eimin was even willing to become the princess's Knight. But, however, one of their meetings was ambushed by their royal parents. Since it is forbidden for Unseelie and Seelie to be together, Eimin was given two options; swear to never have anything to do with his princess or be disowned and permanently banished to the human wold to die a slow and painful death. Without hesitation, Eimin choose to be banished. So what if they ran away earlier than expected? Once he arrived in the human world two seconds later, Eimin knew they would be asking his princess the same question. Eimin waited there for days without food or rest. She never showed up.

Rules of Faerie:
1. Faeries are effected negatively by iron, salt, technology ext.
2. An faeries cannot tell an untruth.
3. An faerie's promise, word, contract or anything similar is binding, and once made the angel has to follow through.
4. Knighted fey cannot take life without reason.
5. If an faerie swears Knighthood to his Lady, he will be forced to follow the rules of his Oath. (FYI You can only be a knight once, as you die when your Lady dies. Obviously, Eimin has never been a true knight.)

Posting Sample:
Eimin's mother stood before him, as terrible as she had ever been, her eyes as merciless as a glacier's. "My son. You are aware how ...traitorous... your relationship is with the Seelie princess, I presume?" He nodded, never breaking eye contact. "And of the consequences?" And another nod. "For simply betraying your court in this way I should banish you on the spot. However, you are my son so I will give you a chance. Swear to never associate with the Seelie woman and you will be happily accepted back at court. If not, you shall be cast into the human world; never to see the land of Faerie again." His mother's voice was a moonless night, and her every word was a glistening dewdrop, tempting Eimin to agree. But no. He risked a look at his love. Her auburn hair cascaded down her back like the waterfall she was named after. Her eyes, as green as the seas of grass so often found in her homeland, avoided Eimin's. His ladylove had no need to be scared for him, after all they would be together soon.

No need for hesitation, Eimin's reply came to lips without thought. "Then banish me."

Instantly he was in the human world. The iron, the technology, the pollution of the city; it all was disgusting. Disgusting and deadly. But it felt as if a huge weight was lifted from Eimin's shoulders. Finally free! No more hiding! Together forever! Eagerly, Eimin waited for his princess to appear. And waited... and waited... and waited. Where was she? All banished fey appeared in this spot, in New York. Every time... every time. At last his heart let go of all possibility of his princess's appearance, and accepted what his head secretly knew ever since she wouldn't meet his gaze. She was gone. His love, his life, his everything. Gone. A mixture of dispair, hurt, betrayal, and rage roared to life inside of Eimin.

How could she do this to -!? No. I won't let her effect me like this. Eimin's soft gray eyes turned to steel as the hell inside him froze over. Eimin could feel his heart lock with a click, and he knew. Nobody would ever betray him ever again. He wouldn't give them the chance.

So begins...

Kawarinaku Wasuremono's Story