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Fantasy/Modern based role-play that will include adventure, action, romance, and whatever else we all decide!

Character Portrait: Saige Marie McKinley Saige is a girl of many talents with a knack for making friends and defending others.
Character Portrait: Drake Deonte Is a Sa'larin. He has a dragon tail that he usually keeps around his waist and out of the way. He has several jobs, one of which is as a tattoo artist for the humans and humanoids that required his service.
Character Portrait: Taran 3rd Brother
Character Portrait: Arctaurus Once a bastion of justice, now this angel has committed a horrid sin and now is Fallen. He has a fraction of his power remaining, just enough to finish a quest, to redeem himself in the eyes of the gods.
Character Portrait: Valius Pendus Evil... Evil!.... EVIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Character Portrait: Markell The Eldest Brother
Character Portrait: Sorcha PeaceBringer
Character Portrait: Scythe The Universe will burn, The Flames set by my hands
Character Portrait: Masaharu Motoshima Masaharu is a free-lancer who takes up odd jobs. His favorite hobby is designing weapons, particularly swords, and trains in the art of swordsmanship. He is very kind-hearted and will do anything to defend himself or others if need be.
Character Portrait: Nazar Born of the original chaos and steeped in death. Will he rule all or devour it?
Character Portrait: Keegan The Second Brother.
Character Portrait: Reicha Sharite A bounty hunter famed for craving excitement and adventure, who's morals are somewhat skewed.
Character Portrait: Kiel Tornath One of the League of Twelve.
Character Portrait: Pyrus Likes long walks on the beach...
Character Portrait: Shien Fighting is too much effort. Why does "Peace" bring so much violence?
Character Portrait: Black Lotus Sorceress of the League of Twelve
Character Portrait: Jason Straw Life is Pain. Can I be saved from it?
Character Portrait: Morganna Mistress of Blood
Character Portrait: Vann Rejected from the Heavens, Now the World is My Playground