Sorcha, the PeacebringerArctaurus

Once a bastion of justice, now this angel has committed a horrid sin and now is Fallen. He has a fraction of his power remaining, just enough to finish a quest, to redeem himself in the eyes of the gods.

a character in “Concordia”, as played by TatersAndTots

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Name: Arctaurus, Known as 'Arc'

Gender: Male

Age: 510 yrs

Race: Angel, Human-form

Appearance: Normal look (sans the wings)

Redeemer Armor

Redeemer Sword

Alliance: The Hero


Personality: Sarcastic, cruelly so, and pessemistic, Arctaurus is an angry man with little hope for humanity. Since the downfall of the old empire, he has seen his people's wonderful society dissolve into anarchy. Obviously this puts him in a bad mood most of the time. He is not one for petty small talk or creature comforts, instead he constantly tries to further his goals, to the discomfort of all those around him. He is sometimes irritable and feels anger in bursts. He is quick to calm down, however. While he is rarely in a bad mood, he is almost never in a good one.


Occupation/skills: If something needs to be led or killed, he can do both wonderfully. He draws upon angelic abilites to destroy his enemies, with his Fallen status giving him a list of morally gray spells, at the cost of most of his most powerful abilites. He can, but is not limited to, the following:

-Superior strength and agility, with inhuman endurance and dexterity

-A magically-boosted compelling voice. He has superhuman ability to sway the weak minded and evil. His words have a power that is hard to resist.

-A master swordsman and an excellent shot (whenever he gets a gun). He wields a .44 magnum revolver, chromed to shine brightly. His flaming longsword is magically bonded, so it can be summoned at will. On earth a flaming sword is uncommon, so it isn't used there. He does have a long knife, a bowie knife, that he keeps in a holster on his side.

-He wields a powerful weapon in the "Redeemer Armor". It was given to him to complete his quest, the one that will rise him up from his Fallen status, back into the fold of the gods. It benifits from both near impenetrability, and a pair of angelic weapons to smite those that wish to brave his might and anger. One is a large-caliber pistol, filled with golden bullets and apparently that doesn't need to be reloaded. The other is a massive golden and silver bastard sword that benefits from the same fire as his normal sword. Sadly, this armor can only be summoned in either life-threatening circumstances, or if there is a dire need to complete his quest. Every other time it is useless.

Faults: One big one. He cannot harm someone acting, in their own eyes, in good faith. Only the evil, those that know that they are doing evil, can be harmed. The worst he can do is incapacitate the innocent. This can get weird. Police trying to capture him because to uphold the law? Can't harm them. A gangster stealing to feed his family? Can't harm him. A psychopath blowing people up to "save" the world in his own twisted way? Nope, Arc can't do a thing. Obviously, a man with immense power will have immense control measures set up as well.


Will be expanded in the story.

So begins...

Arctaurus's Story