Sorcha, the PeacebringerMasaharu Motoshima

Masaharu is a free-lancer who takes up odd jobs. His favorite hobby is designing weapons, particularly swords, and trains in the art of swordsmanship. He is very kind-hearted and will do anything to defend himself or others if need be.

a character in “Concordia”, as played by Shrap

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Stands about 5'10" and is of average build. He has long black hair that's pulled back into a ponytail and dresses in black business casual dress. He usually wears a black leather duster all the time unless the weather gets too hot. His eyes are of a crimson red color due to a pigmentation anomaly when growing up and also has a scar under his left eye due to an earlier injury when sword training.


A kind person with a drive to help others in time of need. He is somewhat shy around others at first but warms up quickly to them. He tries to avoid quarrels but when attacked, he defends himself any way he can.


At any given time, he has a sword strapped to his back but only with a special weapons permit. The blade is comprised mostly of tungsten steel accounting for the black coloration of the blade. He also has several smaller blades that are concealed within his duster.


He grew up in a strict family setting. His father set the rules of the household and if any were disobeyed, he was punished. Due to the strict rules and punishment, he was raised to be obedient. As an adult, he uses this to solve problems and to help others. He has trained himself in the art of martial arts and swordsmanship and continues to perfect his skills.

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