Sorcha, the PeacebringerPyrus

Likes long walks on the beach...

a character in “Concordia”, as played by FunnyGuy

Factions, Families, Clans, and Empires


1.Name: Pyrus
2.Gender: Male
3.Age: ???
4.Race: Fire Elemental

5.Appearance: Pyrus riding on a Dracule


6.Alliance: League of Twelve

7.Personality: Perhaps one of the most lively of the League of Twelve beside Scythe. He enjoys the excitement of battle, and would often start a fight with an ally just to pass some time. Being serious is something unfamiliar to him, as he believes that life is just a huge game, and everyone is just an expendable game piece. Pyrus loathes the calmness of peace, which was one of the reasons he joined Valius. He's usually seen with a smile or a grin, and neither are pleasant.

8.Occupation/skills: Pyrus patrols the skies of southern Concordia, though he finds patrolling to be boring at times. He lords over the creaturesd he has called the Dracules.

So begins...

Pyrus's Story