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Scythe inched closer and closer. The anticipation was just feeding his blood lust further. He did stop as the Male stepped forward. He was near the road now, and within very few feet of the groups area. If he truly wished to close the gap, he could do it with relative ease at this distance. He found the group intriguing though. At least enough to merit a bit of toying with.

The Male was the closest, the female after him, and then the Princess taking up the rear. Two humans would stand in his way to save a complete stranger. Scythe barely understood why one would give their life to protect a so called loved one, let alone complete stranger. He didn't care though when it came down to it. All this meant was more prey to feed off of.

He stared at them for a moment until the corner of his left eye began to bleed from the continued use of his Omniscient Sight. A sadistic grin appeared on his face. He turned his attention to Masaharu. He deliberately ignored most of what the male asked him. "I thought I blended in quite nicely. Do Earthlings not utilize body armor?" He knew full well his appearance didn't fit that of Earth. It wasn't his first time sneaking here, he had to make sure his slave stayed in her place and did her job.

"I don't want any trouble" Scythe repeated in a mocking tone. "Too damn bad, you have trouble by the shitload now. My motive is of no importance. I am an enemy. You have but two choices. Give an effort to entertain me for a short while, or... DIE LIKE A DOG." Scythe grasped his weapon as it began to glow blood red. He twirled it in his right hand and brought it down upon the road in front of them. It cut through it like butter, and littered the field between them with rubble.

After that Scythe just brought his weapon back to both hands as the glowing stopped. His ability wasn't used without cost however. That was evident but a sudden wound opening on Scythe's right cheek. A small stream of blood poured from the wound down towards his chin. Without skipping a beat he wiped the side of his blade across the blood on his cheek. He brought the blood covered blade to his lips and licked it off.

He had still ignored both the unknown female, and the princess' words. He relished in the opportunity to show off his strength to a new set of victims. As his own blood dripped from his tongue he spoke once more. "Idle threats will get you nowhere princess. I am my own master, and I have no bounds as to what I may and will to. Do not try and lob me in with the rest of them. It is time the Earth sees the Demon I am on the battlefield. Only then can it tremble in fear... as I crush it into dust!!!"

Scythe turned his attention back to the one most close to him, Masaharu. He took note of one hidden hand while the other held his sword. It was either a trick or this male was far too confident in his skills with a blade. "Your blade cannot pierce Adurante. Halikair longs to feel the warmth of all of your blood drip from it. I can no longer bear the anticipation to taste the blood that will soon bathe Halikair. Now, come at me with everything you've got, or I will reap your soul and move onto the others in under a minute. It's your move, SO MAKE YOUR CHOICE!!!." He let out some kind of a howling screech to announce his preparedness for battle. He firmly grasped Halikair in both hands and waited for Masaharu to make the first move.