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Concordia: Mount Arka

The heavy blizzard around Demetrius began to slowly fade, allowing the temperature to raise almost drastically. It was still very cold, but compared to the previous conditions, Demetrius found it to be comfortable. He stood up, wearing a white hooded cloak. It was perhaps the heaviest thing he wore, and he only wore it to blend in with his surrounding, rather than using it to escape the sheer embrace of the cold.

The man steadily made his down the mountain path, finding no need to rush his pace. He can completed his meditation, and would possibly be left with nothing to do. His fortress was about a quarter of a mile away. He could barely spot it off in the distance because of the heavy snowfall. He squinted his eyes and noticed someone running toward him. By the looks of it, the man was wearing the armor of his guard, but Demetrius remained cautious. The guard stopped in front of him and knelt down.

"My lord! We have just gotten word of an attack on a village, a half a day's walk from here. What are our orders?" Demetrius crossed his arms at his chest. The rest of the Twelve hadn't been doing much to stop these attacks on stray villages, and he himself found it a bit fruitless to save a village that had given him no benefits. But these attacks going unnoticed were troubling. It could have been a rise of rebels, but Demetrius could be to sure.

"Send fifty soldiers to the village as quickly as possible. Halt their movement, and find out what their motive is. When all is said and done, send three men back to deliver their message. The rest of you will exterminate the horde of barbarians." Demetrius continued on with no other words while the guard jogged past him to inform the soldiers of the orders. The soldiers armor was a deep blue with a white insignia that gave recognition to each soldiers rank.

Concordia: The Talk

Informing Kiel of what had happened would surely pass the time between them before this bounty hunter he spoke of arrived. "A guard came to me with the news... Unfortunately the one who sent him was none other than that wretched Scythe." Valius said this as if he was pained, and clenched his fist. "Scythe mustn't kill Sorcha! Making sure she doesn't reach her brothers is top priority. I also don't want to disturb the structure of the other world. I don't trust Scythe on his own, the more damage he causes to the world by breaking its scientific laws, the more the world will try to reject his existence. Using too much magic, or have too much contact with your own magical properties without the proper enchantment could exile you from both dimensions. People on the plain of the wrong world could be exiled as well. This is why I need someone who isn't so rash and uncaring of their actions." Vakius found it rather convenient for the bounty hunter to be presented right as he finished projecting his thoughts.

"I love the enthusiasm of this one." Valius said sarcastically to Kiel. Valius looked the woman over, circling her. "So you're the bounty hunter... Hmph, you look more like mistress that deceives kings with temptation." Valius commented rudely before looking the woman in the face. "I guess I'm hiring for your professional titled, and not your looks though." He said in a low tone. He grinned at the woman, loving how his seat of power made him feel like he could do and say what he pleased. "Tell me, what would you do for me if I offered you my castle's weight in gold?" Valius asked as he looked toward huge structure.

Sean's Estate: Taran's New Life

Sean was happy as long as Corissa was safe, even if she wasn't able to go out today. Corissa was the only family he had, and he would protect her with his life as he had done countless times. Being dragged to the kitchen by his younger sister made him chuckle, knowing that she was hungrier than he was. Corissa was a great cook, and a divine dish would really hit the spot after his day. He took a seat and exhaled as he readied himself to talk about the events of his day his day. Sean briefly remembered the first time he had told Corissa about his day the first time he had joined the ranks if the gang. That was five years ago, and it wasn't the best of things to reveal to your young sister who had no idea where the money to feed her was coming from. He thought that she would burst into tears, but she took his news surprisingly well. He never questioned her about her reaction, but was instead glad that his sister was able to handle him having a life in crime.

"Today went well. I was able to drive around in the Mercedes all day. I managed to make a quick drug deal, because of our new supplier. We're lacing everything now, even marijuana. Then I had to kill one of my men, Steve. I think you met him. Well, he was a cop, and I had to take him out. He actually pulled the gun out on me first. Before he could arrest me, he slipped, and that's when I got him." Sean explained. He had actually used his power that he kept secret to the world, even his sister. Then I drove around to collect the money people owed me." Sean stopped for a moment, realizing that he didn't hold back when telling his story. "I know the things I'm doing worry you... But I promise, when everything has settled, I'm gonna get us a house on an island somewhere in the Caribbean. Does that sound nice sis? I'll even let you choose the location." sean said trying to bring a little bit of cheerfulness out of her.