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Far to the north

A quaint, somewhat large village was nesseled amongst the mountains. There village was spread out, filling up most of the area. Houses rose high, paved roads and such. There crop fields were bountifil and the lake gave them an ample supply of fresh water. Children could be seen running around and playing games, the men out in the fields, the windmill, or anywhere else they deemed they were needed. The women at home, nitting or gossiping amongst themselves. Everything was peaceful, races of all kinds had gathered there. Working together in unity and bliss. A little boy was playing tag with the other children, being IT at the moment, he was running away from them, laughing loudly. Running tot he edge of the large village he darted into the forest, even though it had been forbidden. Following his lead, the other children gave chase. The boy looked for a tree to hide behind, but instead saw a mass of shadows began gathering in front of him. He stood rooted to the spot, messmerized by eery sight. As the darkness dissipated, his eyes widened in terror. A horde of nightmarish creatures. A zombified Minotaur cocked it's one eye down at him. The boy could see it's rib cage, it's large still heart. It's massive jaws started trembling. The other children arrived just in see the Minotaur lunge forward and bite the top half of the boy clear off. As he chewed on it the lower half stumbled around before falling over.

The group of children screamed as one, unfortunately this drew the horde of undeads attention at them. The children turned to run and the undead gave chase. aS The children ran franticaly, they were quickly picked off. A little girl was run through by an animated skeloton, a boy was grabbed and ripped to bloody shreds by a zombie werewolf. There terro and agony filled screams echoed, eventually reaching the village. The populace gathered around the frest. The men at arms, inching slowly towards the entrance. A boy staggered out of the underbrush.

" Child whats going on?! " one of the men demanded. The boy just starred at them, his eyes were glossy and he swayed everso slightly " ...He-Help " he uttered barely above a whisper before his head was lopped off his head and sent flying . Landing at his mothers feet. She starred down at her sons decapitated head, a smile of suprise fixed on her face, before the reality of it hit her and she screamed. Her scream heraled by the undead. The burst out of the forest. The rest of the boys body was gobbled up by a zombie hippo. The villagers all screamed. The men lunged at the undead invaders, there weapons of pitchforks and spades all raised. The rest of them ran.

Over head Nazar was floating on a mass of darkness with wings. The smile on his face was calm but underneath a hellish intensity could be felt all the way down to the villagers. The soulless glee he took from the agonized screams, the gurgles of blood filled lungs, snapping of bone and squishing of organs. Nothing could compare.

The men stood no chance and were ripped apart. An undead elf dashined nimbly around the men, dissemboweling three in rapid succession, turning it's eyeless sockets away from there heaping organs. The horde spread through the village. The woman and children who tried to run were easily picked off. Minutes later Nazar descended down. His feet stepping in blood. The village was in ruin. Blood and gore splattered everywhere. Many of the bodies were torn beyond recognition. Nazar walked amongst them. Taking in the glorious death that surrounded him. Making him long to be in it's cold embrace. Breaking out of his blissful thoughts he commanded the darkness to sweep throught the village and transport everybody, scrap of flesh, and puddle of blood back to his castle.

His commended his army on there glorious display. Telling them again and again how much he cherished them. He felt a tugging on his cloak and looked down into the face of a young woman. The left side of her body was bitten off, he wondered how she was still living. Cradled in her arms was an infant. He wondered how she was still alive, but then remembered an insects tenacity for life. Her mouth moved sluggishly, she managed to utter the words " babe " Nazar just stared at her. Finally he reached down and plucked the infant out of her arms. Holding it up, he inspected it. Male, and only two weeks old. He shrugged, his jaw expanding out past normal and snapped the childed up, cheweing carefully. Infants tasted particularly delightful, the soft flesh that just sets in. The young mother uttered a gurgled scream before passing. Nazar wiped his mouth and snapped his fingers teleporting back to his castles, through the shadows.