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Concordia: The Talk

Kiel nodded, "Yes, I figured it would be Scythe. He has a nose for these things. I can't say I'm entirely envious of his little expedition, though. Earth Dwellers are so...squishy. Hardly a match for one of our caliber. And dimensional exile is a tad unpleasant sounding. But he knows all of this. He actions are his own. It would be tragic to see one of us go to sheer blood lust. Embarrassing even. No matter." As they finished talking, the guard brought Reicha in and she and Valius exchanged words.

Reicha grimaced at the thought of pleasuring a man, especially some sleazy human lord, with her body. She shuddered with clear discomfort and shook her head and thought, 'If you were to give me your entire castle's weight in gold, I would put it between us, like a wall, and pray that it held you at bay long enough for me to escape. Or maybe I would crush you with it's sheer weight.' Aloud, she replied, "Looks are hardly important in my profession, your Majesty. The mark will not even see my face past my mask, so what does it matter anyway? As for the gold, I would kill or capture however many whomevers his Majesty desired. Depending on which paid more." She was glad her mouth and nose were hidden behind her mask, because she was grimacing, "But I'll assume you simply jest about so much gold. All I need is a name, maybe a location, and the preferred status of the bounty. Dead or Alive? And the true pay, of course, to see if the hunt is worth my time."

Kiel spoke up, "I assure you, Valius, she is more than capable of getting this job done. As I said, she is rather infamous, looks or not. And she would mostly blend with the squishy fleshlings of Earth, don't you think? Besides, she's the best sell-sword available for now, unless you would rather trust this to one of these incompetent guards. Or heaven forbid, Scythe. And she has worked for us before, or at least, for me before. And she knows the price of failure. Don't you Reicha?" As he said this, he grabbed Reicha's chin and pointed her face towards himself. She let out a hiss and a bit of poison dripped from her teeth, but it harmlessly dripped off Kiel's hand, "Yes, we understand each other quite well, don't we, kitten?"

Reicha bit her tongue and swallowed Kiel's shit. The sooner she could get this stupid bounty over with, the faster she could hopefully be rid of this land. She knew stopping here was a bad idea, but nooooo, never listen to the little voice in your head, Reicha, that's smart. Could have gone north, or hell, even back south would have been better, but she stopped here. Of course. The Tirelan worked in mysterious ways. Or so her father had said.