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Earth: Encounter with Scythe

Masaharu stood as the man known as Scythe inched closer. He carefully studied his every move, his mind piecing together some kind of tactic that could be used. He noticed the giant scythe and knew that he had a range advantage and also, after seeing what it could do to the road, he knew what he had to do. He took his other hand out of his pocket and gripped his sword tightly, his knuckles turning white.

'Ok, Mas, you can do this. Just think of it as sparring but tenfold,' he thought to himself. He slowly stepped forward, his other hand still in his pocket. His breathing, despite the situation, was steady and calm, his body was crying out to run but his mind said otherwise. He glanced back at the girls behind him then back to Scythe. "You girls stay there." He closed the gap between him and Scythe, standing a mere five feet away and stopped. 'Right now you have a slight advantage. His weapon is too big to use at this range.'

He closed his eyes briefly and took in a breath before opening them again, lashing out, he threw a left hook at Scythe's face all his weight going into the blow, his other hand bringing up his sword to use as a shield. He shifted his body as he landed and jumped into the air, his right knee aimed at Scythe's midsection. Speed, agility and a bit of luck was what he needed at this point.