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Name: Radahnot

Age: 26

He is a: Warrior and a General. Well a General in the sense of a charasimatic leader, whose soldiers are fanatically devoted to him. How he reached such a position is partially because of his prowess as a swordsman, but mainly because of his meticulous planning and keen tacitcal awareness. His strategies has thus far brought prosperous results to his band, presenting food, armor, supplies, and the occasional slave.

Personality: To his Followers he is a proud and mighty leader, whose brilliant strategies has brought countless victories against rival bands and Female Tribes. Praised as cunning warrior, its no wonder he has such a strong following. Yet, if one could see past the golrification brought about his fanatical followers, Radahnot is really an arrogant and misogynist pig, who is blinded by ambition. His cruelty and abusive tendencies towards Women exemplifies one of the main reasons why Women detest Men so grudgingly. Unbeknowst to most his vanity is only underlying a much more darker nature.

Description: Radahnot is an exceptionaly well-built man of about 6'4 and weighs at about 250 lbs. He has long black hair and cold, steely grey eyes. He often wears pelts and fur over his leather-hewn armor. When in battle he wears plated grieves, vambraces, and a matching chestpiece. He wields a broadsword with a thick and sharp blade, slung across his backside where it's sheath lies.

Likes, Dislikes and personal fears: Radahnot enjoys fishing and music, as well as meat and drinks. He also enjoys giving public speeches to boost morale, mainly because he does enjoy the sound of his own voice. He also enjoys the satisfaction granted by perforiming a successful operation against Female Tribes. He dislikes being patronized especially by arrogant women, but hey treat others how you want to be treated right? He also dislikes excuses, especially an excuse for failing him, so instead of saying "Radahnot your plan failed." say, "I failed because of my own stupidity of not being able to follow your plan." He'll be more lenient if he hears you admit that you failed and not him. Most of all he hates it when anyone insults his intelligence, being the narcissist he is. He does have a fear of spiders, mainly the reason being he was bitten by one at an young age and nearly died from its venom.

Thoughts on Women:
Radahnot has a nasty perspective on Women. He perceives them as selfish and arrogant witches. Radahnot often says that Women will eventually find a way to produce offspring without Men through their sorcerous ways, eliminating the need for the Culling and by extension us. Radahnot's extinction propaganda is only meant to rally Men to his cause, otherwise he is secretly envious of Women. Radahnot knows much about the Women's Culture from his mother, when she secretly met with his father and raised not only him but also his baby sister. Growing up with both parents gave him different insight that most are deprived of, but unfortunately it didn't stop him into becoming the man he is today.

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Radahnot's Story