Confessions of a High School Slaughterer

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When a local teen goes missing, the police suspect another high schooler is responsible. When his body is found, the search for the killer turns this small private school upside down.

Character Portrait: Kierra Madalyn Brackett a 15-year-old student
Character Portrait: Rosenna Wynn A seemingly cheerful girl who isn't aware of her life as a murderer...
Character Portrait: Dante Scott An outgoing 17-year-old guy, friendly and chatty with everyone. Popular.
Character Portrait: Juli Dumont A very girly girl who loves to look emo even though she is very peppy, I know confusing.
Character Portrait: Avery Hall Avery's the golden boy- 4.00 GPA, president of the student body, star of the soccer team. But does he have some nasty secrets?
Character Portrait: Isaac Gilmore Black haired 17 years old boy. Pretty nice and funny but sometimes scary.
Character Portrait: Jack Feralim I'm not crazy, just the only sane one.