Bishop's Boarding School for the WealthyDante Scott

An outgoing 17-year-old guy, friendly and chatty with everyone. Popular.

a character in “Confessions of a High School Slaughterer”, as played by Greenxeyedxhero

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Tall, about 6"2. Green eyes, red hair spiked all over the place. Wears haggard jeans, leather jackets band tshirts.

Thought I should mention he isn't the killer, but he was there when it happened.


He is friendly and chatty with everybody. He has a quirky sense of humour and is arrogantly flirty with girls.


Normally has a messenger bag slung over one shoulder.


He is an only child, not overly spoiled, but mothered a little bit too much. Had a good childhood.

So begins...

Dante Scott's Story